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Marine Corps Sword Ceremony

I am having an outdoor wedding, but with a tent to shelter the guests from possible rain or the sun.  My fiance is in the Marine Corps and is having a sword ceremony.  I am trying to figure out how to fit this into the ceremony.  I have looked at several videos and most couples are introduced and then walk through the arch.  However, although its not a huge detail, I do have bubbles for the guests to blow, so I am unsure of how to fit this all together.

Do my fiance and I walk out, followed by the wedding party and guests, and then go back into the tent and do the sword ceremony so all of the guests are able to see?  Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Marine Corps Sword Ceremony

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    What if they assembled right up by you at the end, and after the pronunciation of husband and wife, they could do it then. Walking out and walking back in seems weird to me.

    Or you could do it as you walk into the reception. It doesn't have to be part of the wedding ceremony.
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    We are planning on exiting the sanctuary, having a recieving line in the foyer of the church, and then having the guests exit through the front doors, where the saber arch will be performed.  After all the guests are outside, we will walk out of the church and under the sabers.
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    My FI is a Marine too. We are having an outdoor wedding. I am having the marines assemble right after we are pronounced husband and wife (there will be space from the alter to the first row so the marines will fit). I am also providing bubbles on everyone chairs. I am planning to go through the swords and walk down the aisle with people blowing bubbles. I hope this helps!
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