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I just got engaged, officially, November 6 but we already started planning prior to then (he asked in June but I thought he was joking).  He is in the Air Force and is still living in the dorms because he has been in for less than a year.  We have been LD for the majority of our relationship, however I am moving there at the end of January/beginning of February.  We are getting married in April.  Will he be allowed to move out of the dorms and off base prior to the wedding or will we be required to wait until after the wedding.  

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    It depends on the rules of his command and his superiors.  If he is young or a lower rank, I have heard where they don't allow it, even if they are getting married.  And I believe I've also heard that tehy aren't allowed to after married either. 
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    Air force rules are generally more strict on matters of this nature. The general rule of thumb, from what I have undrstood, is that they must be married before being allowed to move off base or in with their spouse. As the other poster suggested check with those in charge at his Base or have him do it. 
    Congratulations and Good luck!! 

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    The only way he would be allowed to move off base is if he's an NCO or above. And that's in the Air Force. In the Marine Corps, at least at CP, they're not giving Single BAH out anymore, there's a freeze. SO had to apply for it through his new command (after recruiting duty, so obviously he wasn't living in the barracks), and barely got it in before the base put a freeze on it. I know E6s living in the barracks. Budget cuts.

    So to answer your question, since he has been in less than a year, I would be shocked if they let him move off base because he was engaged.
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    If he has only been in less than a year he will not be authorized to move off base.  When the two of you get married where you live is going to depend on the housing availability on that base.  Best to have him talk to the base housing office to find out what the possibilities are.  

    Also I know from experience and from speaking with a first sergeant he can stay with you off base.  He will not receive BAH or BAS, they will still be making meal deductions, and will still be "living" in his dorm.  So with that said if he stays with you off base more than he lives in his dorm room he needs to make sure its in inspection order at all times and that he is never late to work.

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    I am currently AD AF and it all depends on the base he is at. I moved out of my dorm room at my first base early because of overcrowding. Also, if his First Shirt and CC sign the paperwork, he can "ghost" his dormroom as PP implied. However if he follows the proper paperwork route he will receive BAS. If it is something he wants to seriously do I would suggest asking is supervisor and Shirt. Good luck!
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    Thank you soooo much for your help!
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