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I tried looking back to previous posts on the forum to see if anyone else had this question or situation, but I didn't see anything.

I am having a June 2012 wedding, so I have booked most of the major things.  I feel somewhat guilty asking if places offer military discounts because I am not the one in the military, FI is. 

I know that it doesn't hurt to ask, and that the worst they can do is say no.  I was just curious if you guys did ask for military discounts, and if so, did you find a lot of places that offered them?

Thanks in advance!

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    When I booked things, I happened to mention that FI was in the military, because I was inquiring about their cancellation policy.  At the time, our wedding date was a bit tentative due to FI's training, so I wanted to know all my options.  By bringing this up, many of my vendors offered up their military discounts, no questions asked.  At the time, I didn't realize it was so common.  So we got a discount on our rental fee at the reception site, our dj and our photographer.  It never hurts to ask.
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    That's a great idea and definitely doesn't hurt to ask, I'm going to keep this in mind for when I start contacting and asking about military clauses to their contracts.

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    That's a good idea.  I know people have asked "What does your fiance do?" and I tell them.  Luckily, we don't have to worry about deployments or anything of that nature, so I can't quite go about it the way you did. but that is some really good advice.  I guess telling them what he does can lead to a conversation about military discounts!

    Thank you!
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    Even without dealing with deployments, still ask about military clauses.  The first thing you need to learn with the military is nothing is ever set in stone.  NOTHING!  

    I did ask a few places when I called, and we also went to a bridal show and asked a lot of vendors there if they do.  Some would knock off some money, and some would just throw in something extra for free.  
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    I have managed to bring up that my FI is in the military when inquiring about pricing.  One example is when I was contacting phtographers, the first one I talked to and met with was great but way out of our price range and I felt a little bad for wasting her time.  So when I contacted other photographers I flat out said "My FI is in the military and I am a student so we have a bit of a tight budget, but I would love any information you can give on your pricing."  Two out of the three other photographers I contacted thanked him for his service and told me that they offered a discount.  That way it brought up the military and our budget without directly asking about a discount. 
    I have to admit that we wouldn't be having our ceremony at the church that we have currently booked if it wasn't for some delicate negotiations based on the fact that my FI is military.

    Good luck with all your planning!
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    Thank you very much for all the great advice!
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