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Ok, so I chose my wedding/reception venue today!!! I am so excited because this is all starting to feel so real now. I'm getting married outside of the building at a gazebo on a lake (so thrilled!) and they said that they allot thirty minuters for the ceremony. The wedding is just over a year away, so I know that it's not crazy important to start planning the ceremony now, but I want to get as much done as possible, so I won't be super-stressed come next summer.

Now, I was raised Catholic and left the church and my FI is technically Jewish, but has never practiced Judaism. So, as you can imagine, religion is not something that will play a huge role in our wedding.

So what I'm trying to figure out now is A) How many readings to include in the ceremony and B) Some creative, sweet, and fun readings that would go with our carefree vibe. 

I'm currently thinking three is a pretty good number and I already know that one of them will be I Carry Your Heart by e.e.cummings. 

But I'd like some ideas for the other ones. I was trying to think along the lines of Disney or Dr Seuss (I'm a preschool teacher who's young at heart!) but I'm open to anything. Any help is appreciated.

Also, I haven't been to a wedding in ages...is three a good number for a thirty minute ceremony? 

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