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For those of you whose FI are wearing their uniforms at the wedding how are you wording the invitations? I feel as though it would be proper ettiquette to incude his rank, does that sound right? Also FI and I are hosting if that matters. Any suggestions? I've looked at the examples on the knot and they weren't jumping out at me...

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    I would think it would be perfectly fine to include his rank on the invitation. I would write it out however he fills out forms or gets mail sent to him

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    Nikki I would ask FI. Mine doesn't want his rank on the invite, he will also be changing rank very close to the wedding. Personally, I thnk its neat but with his Rank his name would have taken up 2 lines and he didn't like that.
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    The fact that you guys are hosting it as compared to his parents doesn't affect whether or not you put his rank.  H didn't want to wear his uniform or put anything about his rank on the invites so we never looked into it.  I would try googling it specific for his branch. 

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    There is a very specific order for including rank with the name and it is completely dependent on rank.  I can't remember where I had found this information, or I'd be happy to share, but I know that it is different for officer v. enlinsted and even within each of those.  We aren't including my FI's rank on our invitations, and iI'm fairly certain it isn't an etiquette issue.  Might be something to avoid unless it is really important to both of you or you are able to track down the information so it is done properly.  I think doing it incorrectly would be worse etiquette than not including it, but that's just my opinion.
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    Seaside is correct. The placement and use of the rank depends on branch and if your FI is enlisted or officer. Also, if you are going strict etiquette and formal protocol there are addressing concerns that you should be aware of if you are inviting any other military members active or retired. I never could find out for sure if FI wearing his uniform meant it was a military sponsored event (we are not having wedding/reception on base) so I went with no it is not. We just put his rank on our invitations and Mr./Mrs./Ms. on the outer envelopes. If you do a Google search for whatever branch your FI is and event guidelines or protocol manuals you should find some useful examples.

    Here is our invitation:

    Together with their families...
    Second Lieutenant, United States Marine Corps
    request the honor of your presence etc.....


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    Thanks ladies!

    Shan - FI really wanted our invitation to be "funny" which is a total 180 from the formal reception we've planned lol he doesn't think about the big picture. When I told him it probably would be a little weird to have a funny invitation with his rank on it he quickly backed down from the funny idea.. thank goodness lol cute but not quite my style
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    Nikki : haha what kind of goofy invite are we talking here? :) FI wanted me to change the colors to Blue Silver and Black (USAFA colors) for his guests since our Purple Silver and Black invites matched my Alma Mater (sp?) anywho after he realized I bought all the paper he decided it was a little to detail specific. I kinda which we had- but trying to make sure the right ppl got the right color invite just for ppl to not realize the meaning wasn't worth it to us. :)

    I don't know about you ladies but I am amazed at how often my ideas and thoughts of how I wanted my/our Wedding to be has changed through this proces.
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    Shan I couldn't agree more with you!! I never thought I'd want a small December wedding. I never thought I'd pray for snow ( I just think snow is so beautiful). I never wanted Black and Red. It's just amazing how much my dreams have changed as I've planned. I have thoroughly enjoyed planning, but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy married life even more!!
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    When we first started talking about getting married, it was assumed that we'd get married near my hometown, in the summer, with a big invite list from both families.

    Now, the idea of a destination wedding has piqued his interest, so that's now the rough plan, I guess.  Costa Rica in March, under 100 people.  As I told BF, let's get engaged before we get our hearts set on any one thing. 



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    My ideas have certainly changed, I changed my centerpieces last week from what I have been thinking for the last 8 months and I love it so much better!

    Shan - I don't really know exactly what he wanted, he gave up because he couldn't find anything that match his idea. I guess he wanted something that would make people laugh. My cousin did one that he saw that was kinda like this

    The parents of
    Anna "Wedding Shmedding" Johnson
    Josh "Never Gonna Happen" Adams
     invite you to gleefully witness the eating of their words
    at a wedding of their children, who until this point
    have refused to consider either would ever marry

    ____ Seeing is believing I'll be there for sure
    ____ Sorry, allergic to miricles

    which is cute for them, but doesn't apply to FI and I, but he wanted something funny like it lol

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    Nikki - that is funny! :)
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