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HELP!! soon to be Navy bride...

So my boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me this past weekend. I'm super elated and anxious to get things going planning wise but there are a few questions preventing me from getting the ball rolling...

His bootcamp isn't until June of this year, and then I know he has to do technical training for 2 years...and then there's the whole deployment do I choose a date?!?!?


If i get married legally, could I still have a traditional Military wedding ceremony later? (I've dreaming and drooling over the Arch of Sabers lol)

ANY advice is appreciated!! Thanks so much!!

Re: HELP!! soon to be Navy bride...

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    You might want to look back on previous post. Similar questions have been asked like this.

    Just a heads up,
    If i get married legally, could I still have a traditional Military wedding ceremony later? (I've dreaming and drooling over the Arch of Sabers lol)
    You might want to watch how you word this. I don't know if you were meaning it the way I read it, but It's a wedding regardless of how and where you do it.
    Like I said, read previous post and you will see what I am talking about.

    Good luck.
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    Congrats on your engagement!

    I'm also a Navy fiancee! Picking out the date is the hardest when it comes to planning. I think it's best if you at least wait until after boot camp to do this. What division of the Navy will your FI be in since you say he'll be at technical school for 2 years. My FI was in school for that long too(he's a nuke), and they don't always get a lot of time off. But he did get a lot of time off before getting stationed to his ship now. 

    As for the other part, I agree with PP. Be careful with wording that around here. Do you mean, you'll have a JOP and another wedding later on? Because the JOP is already your wedding, then you can have a vow renewal later on.

    Good Luck! 
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    Good luck to you.
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    OMG the headache that was the night we were trying to figure out our date. My FI is an officer- graduated from USNA in May- so his schedule is a little bit more stable right now, but it's still all up to the Navy grr! Between trying to figure out when most of his groomsmen ( all Navy and Army officers) and when we would be moving/when he would be stationed where etc, it's nearly impossible to guarantee that everyone will work out perfectly for whatever date. 

    My advice is to just pick a date that has the most chance of working for you, your FI and the most family members, book it, and pray that the Navy doesn't interfere too much.

    On some of the other posts, people have been talking about wedding insurance and military clauses on the horrible chance that something military related prevents you from keeping your date. Hope this helps, good luck!!!
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    I am a Navy fiancee as well. Its so hard to pick a date. We didn't pick a date until he got to his A school. After he got there we were able to find out when he would be done with training. We also picked a holiday weekend, hoping that the Navy would give him the time since we picked a weekend he most likely wouldn't be working anyway. Hopefully it works. Good luck to you!!
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    Thank you all for your advice! It' s comforting to know that I am not the only one with these kind of questions.

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    As the MOB daughter is marrying someone in the Air Force.   Every time I met with a vendor or venue site I asked about a military clause.   Some people ask for expaination and some "get it" right away.  I would explain that I was asking for a clause in the contract that If the Groom were to be sent overseas on deployment and would not be in the USA on the wedding date that we be refunded  the deposit and not held liable for the contract.    Most of the people I asked were very understanding and even offered a military discount.  One Vendor offered a discount before I even asked because she said that she was so appreciative of all that the Military does for our Country.   It never hurts to ask and if they say no then  you have to decide if you want to take the chance and book with them.   We are a retired Navy family so I know what can happen at last minute.

    As for picking a date.....I agree what has already been suggested.   Gather as much info on the Groom's schedule, family plans etc. and then go for it...... 

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    Yup, you have to do what you have to do.

    Believe me, I've suggested to my fiance- and all his groomsmen since they're all military officers too, and have zero idea of their schedule come October- I was like      "Can I write a note on pretty pink paper to your commander, telling him that you're in my wedding and will you please be available? Also so he knows to not make you do anything too too dangerous so you're not on crutches or anything?"  my fiance said that might not help, but I can dream haha! Something to lighten the mood- if only they listened to us!:)
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    Super duper help with MY wedding, y'all!! Same boat, sortof. My fiance is in the Navy as well, but is already at his station across the country from me.
    MJ, thank you for suggesting how to handle something like a military clause. I've been a little... Uneasy/skeptical about a technical "military insurance" for something like this, but if simply asking the vendors about an issue like that, I'm sure I can find something that will work.
    This post has certainly calmed my nerves about planning this wedding pretty much on my own. I'm starting to plan wellll in advance (over 2 and a half years) so that I can get a good idea of who to try and who to avoid for such circumstances, as well as working within my budget.
    Now all we've got to do is figure out how to plan a wedding while we're an entire country apart!!
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