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My daughter and Airman fiance were scheduled to be married on 9/3/2011..Reception, dress, Save the Dates, musicians, photographer-All set for 9/2011.  Just got word that fiance is on standby for a deployment from May to December...Now we are planning the small service prior to his leaving and hoping to still be able to keep the venue in September.  Has anyone else been in this position?  How long does it usually take to finalize dependent paperwork?  Any suggestions for the Mother of the Bride who is not in a panic yet? 

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    Dependent paper work can take a bit, but as long as your daughter is left with a power of attorney so can enroll her self in DEERS and TRICARE and stuff. That being said, it will make things easier if her FI is there with her. Everything should work out just fine. Stay positive and tell your daughter to stay positive as well. Good Luck!
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    Thanks -That's good to know..It will all work out-both times!
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    For OPSEC purposes, I would suggest that you please take out any deployment information out of your post.
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    What the previous poster means (in laymans terms) is remove the dates and the location where he'd be deployed.  This is sensitive information that is not supposed to go on the web - google "OPSEC" to learn more about the necessary secrecy that military families (including in-laws) have to take to protect our service members.  Loose lips sink ships, and all that.

    Also, they don't have to be married to have a Power-of-Attorney filled out, so I would recommend that they do that before he leaves for deployment so that she can take care of any issues that come up for him while he's gone.  While my boyfriend was just at training, I had a Power-of-Attorney for him which enabled me to fight with creditors and handle any banking issues that came up for him.  You don't necessarily need a lawyer - we pulled a Power-of-Attorney form off the internet for free, changed a few words, and simply signed it in front of a notary, which makes it a binding document.  This saved us quite a few headaches, trust me!

    I would also reach out to the vendor and try to get them to agree to a Military Clause, if you haven't already.  It might be more difficult as you have already signed the contract, but I would ask still.  The clause says that if the date has to be moved due to military orders that prevent the groom from attending, they will move the date to another mutually agreeable available date without you losing the deposit.  I would suggest you do this with every single vendor.



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    THanks again...the military clause was off my radar at time of planning-but doesn't hurt to ask...thanks for the posting info as well..all removed..deb
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    I have a similar situation, and he isn't even in the country at the moment, so we are waiting to get and set the date.  But  all of my vendors are aware of this issue and have more than helpful.  Amazing really.  They are all setting up things with me before-hand, doing what we can.  Since i could have only 30 day window or less, they are all set to go.  All it would take is an email to all of them once the date is cleared and it's full steam ahead.  We may have to be married during the middle of the week, but that is fine with me.  As long as he's mine! Laughing
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