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I just got engaged to my boyfriend of 3 years in July.  We're planning an outdoor winery/vineyard wedding in June of 2012.  The reception will be indoors at a local fire hall, but our entire wedding will be themed around wine and vineyards, etc.

My fiance has expressed that he is interested in wearing his dress blues.  Which I am completely ok with!  I really want to keep the purple/burgundy color wine theme going. (colors are not decided for sure yet, we have a while!)  All four of the groomsmen are not in the military.  Since it is an outdoor and summer wedding, I don't want to make the groomsmen wear tuxes with the heat, would tan or gray colored tuxes or suits look too informal with my fiance's dress uniform? (It's not an official military wedding) Or should I just not care?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Dress blues are comparable to a tux, so that would be the same level of formality.  Is he in the Navy?  Because in June he would be wearing dress whites, which is definitely more outdoor wedding friendly too. 

    How formal is the rest of the wedding going to be?  And does your FI plan on wearing his dress uniform all night?  Some choose to change into whatever their GMs are wearing after the ceremony.  Its really just personal preference I guess.  I think a gray suit or tux would look better than tan, IMO.  If the rest of the wedding is going to be informal then I'd go with suits.  If not, I'd do tuxes. 
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    He's fulltime National Guard right now, he was in the 82nd before that. 

    I don't really know how to describe the wedding.  I wouldn't say its formal, but its not necessarily casual.  We're going for a somewhat modern type wedding.  It's outdoors so its not going to be too traditional.  I haven't asked him how he feels about changing.   Whether he wants to change or not, I don't think it will change my mind as to what the groomsmen wear though.  I'm sure he would be more comfortable at the reception if he wasn't in his blues, but that is up to him.  

    Sometimes I feel like I think a little too much about details like these! haha Thanks for your opinion though!
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    For our vow renewal it is also in the summer. My husband is wearing his Class A's vs his Mess Dress uniform. They are more casual and our groomsmen who are not military will be wearing gray suits with navy ties. Our colors are navy, purple and silver! :)
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    Are you making your groomsmen buy the grey suits?  I can't find many places that let you rent suits.  And I only found a few with Grey Tuxedos.  I like the Navy/Silver color combo, but my fiance thinks Navy is too dark for a wedding (Even though he is wearing Navy Blue and has expressed an interest in a Black and White wedding!).  He's worse than a girl! haha.
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