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Has anyone every gotten married in Italy & how difficult was the process? Should we just wait?

My fiance is stationed in Italy & I am traveling there in a month...Now that we look at the fine print for legal stuff...It seems Italy is pretty tough about marrying two American citizens. He gets back to the state in May, we really don't want to wait that long...he has no more days he can take off to travel here in between now and then.
I suggested maybe another nearby country would have an easier process.
We both have no previous marriages or anything that could possible
add more legal work.
He brought up marriage by proxy...I found this website about it...I'm not
sure if it's legit or not...

Thanks for your help and any advice!!!

Re: Has anyone every gotten married in Italy & how difficult was the process? Should we just wait?

  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan
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    Why not just wait until May? Getting married by proxy is a pretty extreme measure. Why the rush?

    Also, since this is your real name, I would advise getting a new SN and deleting this post.
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  • calindicalindi
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    Proxy is a rather extreme and complicated process, and you might not even be eligible.  I get that you want to marry him, and that you obviously want to do it as soon as possible, but it doesn't seem like waiting until May would be that big of a deal, and it would be a lot easier (and probably cheaper) to just get married in the US at the courthouse.



  • Beachy730Beachy730
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    Ditto PPs.  May is really not that far away, and it would be way less stressful to just wait until then as compared to trying to jump through hoops to get married now.  Seriously, I would assume that paperwork and everything would take at least a month, and by then it will basically be March.  What's 2 more months at that point?
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  • kara811kara811
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    Like everyone else, I would just wait as well. Time flies when you think about it. 
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    Ditto everyone-- Its only 4 months. Coming from a gal who has been LD for 6 years and I wont see him umtill a day or two before our wedding in May.  Especially if you want to plan a ceremony or something that would fill up your 4 months. :)
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