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Hi! Does anyone know of any good ceremony or reception venues in Minnesota? My FI is a pilot in the Air Force and I was thinking of an airplane hanger or on base, or perhaps a country club  Thanks!

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    You may also want to post this on your local board. They may have more insight on that than we would.
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    apham126 --
    I'm from MN. Is your FI a reserve or Air National Guard? As for bases there is only one in northern MN in Duluth. To the best of my knowledge they don't do weddings on base- its super small. But I do know the 2nd in Command and can ask.

    If you are in the Twin Cities area there are tons of airplane hangers around the airport but I don't know what their policies are for events.
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    Here's a place in St. Paul, no pictures but you can request more info.

    Commemorative AF Wing, with contact info in South St. Paul
    Direct link to the page

    As for country clubs, you'll have to be more specific for area, there are a lot in MN
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    Funny, I'm doing a "destination" wedding to MN also ;) It's been an absolute nightmare to find a location. My husband is in the sailed in college and is in the Navy so we are doing our wedding on a boat. It should be interesting. Hard to get it all worked out from Hawaii. I'm also getting sick of vendors calling me at 3am (8am in MN). I always tell them about the time difference but they aren't getting it. I wish I could be of more help. I've researched a TON of reception locations but non of them were in an airport hanger. Good luck!
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    I'm an AF bride getting married in MN :) My fiance is a pilot as well and just graduated from UPT!  I'm going to WINDOWs but when I was looking there really isn't anywhere thats military orientated. If I remember correctly south on 35 about 45 min theres some kind of aviation museum thats all I can think of. When you looking at vendors ask about a military discount. Because there isn't a strong military presence in the area nearly everyone that I asked was very excited and agreed to give us 10-40% off.
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    The Air Guard is right outside of the MSP airport, and you have Ft. Snelling right there too.  Not sure what they have for event facilities at eiter site.
    Good luck
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