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Wednesday Wednesday

So it seems like we have a lot of good (Beach yay!) and bad news (cab and the loan) floating around here, so let's talk good and bad.

Good-I'm going home in a week for a wedding and get to see family and friends. H will be home soon after being gone for about a month. We have the ball coming up which I'm actually excited for since so many of our friends are going. I also, hopefully will be going to Florida for Thanksgiving and see my little nieces.

Bad-I have sand flea bites that are causing me to want to tear my skin off. Like legit tear it off. I am hair inept. I tried doing styles last night. It was entertaining. My job is stressing me out since I am now the only child and adolescent counselor in the clinic.

Oh CabI have another question! I'm going to Ulta this weekend and I have around $40 to spend on new make up. I don't need foundation and what not (yay bb cream), but I do need eye shadow and blush. Any recs?? Any palettes or full sets that are pretty decent??

Re: Wednesday Wednesday

  • kmmssgkmmssg mod
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    OK, here goes...

    Good - today is my LAST day at a retail job.  I really thought I could last thru the holidays as I work to find a M-F "real" job but my 52 yo back said "WTH were you thinking??"  This ain't working.

    Helping DD with a Halloween party Saturday.  We have 40 some people coming and her house isn't so big.  Weather for the kids is high of 47 - we'll figure it out.  I'm putting dry ice in the pumpkins so smoke comes out of their faces and lighting it with a glowstick too.

    Bad - I still want a part time job but there isn't anything around here but minimum wage retail.  My pension check doesn't stretch anywhere near the way my active duty check did, damnit.  this is killing my Nana fund.
  • I wouldn't worry about the kids. When I was young I never noticed the cold during Halloween and I lived in Buffalo. they will be running in and out of the house and staying warm easily. The pumpkins sound awesome!

    That sucks about the jobs. Is there any kind of part time job in a doctor's office or something? I know sometimes they pay a bit better than minimum.
  • I'll start with the bad because the good and bad are related. Bad Since DH has an officer package in he could be moving to VA in January if he gets selected. We decided it would be more logical for me to move with him if he gets selected or back to CA if he doesn't in January. So we're living thousands of miles apart by choice and it sucks. Apparently my husband is having a worse time than me. So far his friend's dog died from antifreeze poisoning they couldn't afford the vet so they brought it to his house thinking maybe since it was young he could shake it and he could watch it since he didnt go back to work til today but they had to put him down yesterday, he bought a microwave dinner forgetting he had no microwave, caused a flood in the bathroom, and got in to the shower with his slippers on. Thus proving that he's lost without me. Good I still have a pretty decent job as long as I'm in PA. I'm almost done with my MBA in healthcare administration. January is only 2 1/2 months away. I guess I just feel like if the military did it deployment, school, etc we could deal with this a lot more gracefully because we wouldn't have a choice in the matter.
  • Sorry it turned in to one giant paragraph. I'm on my phone.
  • Ggirl I can't do hair to save my life either. About the sand flea bites, calamine works pretty well. They're pretty hard to avoid in the desert so I got them a lot.
  • I've been using everything from calamine to lavender oil for these suckers. I think because I have allergies anyway that it just becomes worse for me.

    And long distance sucks, but you're right January is  only 2 1/2 months away. Not too too bad. I was just thinking about long distance actually. My H and i were long distance for 2.5 years before we got married. It's weird to me to think that we were able to make it work. Sometimes I'm still shocked. It makes sense for you to stay where you are instead of moving back and forth if he does get selected. How much longer do you have on your MBA?
  • AmandaSC1988AmandaSC1988 member
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    The good! Communication with H is great this week! It felt pretty normal yesterday when he called me to say good night, It felt normal to not have a conversation that had a 2 second delay. Found almost a thousand dollars in a bank account H forgot he was sending automatic payments to. SCORE!

    The Bad. I got injured on Sunday watching flag football. Yes watching. Some friends and I got together for a good fun day of competition on Sunday. One of the last "events" that was planned was a football game...I was standing on the sidelines watching some of them play football....The ball was thrown over to were I was... the receiver wasn't watching where he was running and ran right over my foot. Stepped on top of my right foot (with cleats)and I tweeked my ankle and I fell on my left knee. The foot is the only injury that still hurts really bad. It feels better every it feels like it is getting better, but I am sad that I am out of my cute heels for the next couple of weeks.
  • Sammy0709Sammy0709 member
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    I have four classes left. DH and I were LD for 4 years while I was in college. I think it's just "different" now that we have lived together. I should add that was pre marriage LD.
  • Sammy I feel your pain. We may have a similar situation soon after H returns. While for us it probably won't be as hard because we have yet to really live together so it feels pretty normal.  I had to laugh though, because I have bought the mircowave dinners and not had a microwave before.

    Highsight is 20/20, but if the event ever happens with a dog again, do whatever you can to make them throw up. Peroxide I think works, and if there is anyway to get them to eat/drink (liquid) charcoal that is good because it soaks it up.  I am so sorry you H had to go through that, it is so heart breaking to lost a young dog.
  • Hey ladies!

    First off,

    CAB- I'm really sorry to hear about your loan situation, but I have to agree with Beachy (I think that's who said it) about checking other sources.

    Ggirl- Eek, if those sand flea bites are anything like chiggers then they are a force to be reckoned with. I use crap tons of hydrocortizone cream to help with chigger bites, but even that doesn't take all the itchy bitey feeling away.

    Amanda- I hope your foot feels better soon!

    Well, here goes:

    The bad- I'm on my first pay period of pure commission and so far, it's been REALLY slow. So in my heart I keep telling myself that things will get better and that it's just a slow season...but in my head it's more like "HOLY COW, I BETTER GET SOMETHING SOON." In all honesty it's really not all that bad, just need to make some adjustments...but that's sales for ya I guess. Also, I'm hoping that FI and I actually get to have a nice date night this Friday. We hardly see each other during the week (and we live together) just cause our schedules clash. :/

    The good- I finally have a day off again and will most likely be going home to visit my family. :) I'm really excited about it! I also hear it's supposed to cool down again, EVEN BETTER!
  • In Response to Re:Wednesday Wednesday:
    I have four classes left. DH and I were LD for 4 years while I was in college. I think it's just "different" now that we have lived together. I should add that was pre marriage LD.
    Posted by Sammy0709
    Oh it's totally different, but remember that you have gone through this before and its only temporary ;).
  • The bad:
    The loan thing. It sucks that they gave it to us, and 24 hrs. later, after making contact with realtors, and telling people, and allowing myself to get excited and NOT be cautious about the whole thing, we get delayed. 

    I know it's not a "NO" at this point, and H thinks it's not going to be a big deal, but still, four weeks is a long time. Places we wanted will be long gone by then. It sucks. H does not want to go with another lender at this time. For one, he has a freaking hard on for Wells Fargo for whatever reason (can you sense the tension in my writing on this subject? LOL!) Two, he does not want another ding on our credit scores. I get that, but I know that it's normal to contact more than one lender. He refuses, and I'm just giving into doing it his way, because really, he's annoying to fight with. He's going to get his assss handed to him if they do deny us, though. 

    Our plan is to wait this out, and if we do get denied, that's when we'll contact another lender. If we get denied AGAIN, we're just going to have to rent. No big deal, really. Our credit is good, but our source of income is the issue. We make enough, but since a part of it isn't a "paycheck," it maybe an issue. 

    The Good:
    I'm really just glad that we're trying. We're actively trying to get out of his moms house, and although we've been set back what looks like an additional month on top of however long it takes to buy a house, we should be out by the first few months of next year. My new goal is February. He's really into the whole moving out thing, and that makes me happy, because you guys know how nervous I was about him not wanting to leave his mom's house. 

    Also, I cannot wait until my roll at work changes. I will be much more involved with parents and kiddos, and that excites me. Also, I am the only one in my dept. at this point that has a solid plan to stay with the company, while my own boss and people who have been here longer than I have do not. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen to stay.

    Phew! This turned into a novel! GEEGS, the Tarte sets! GET THE TARTE SETS! 
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