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Non military girl supporting the military, suggestions?

I have several family members who have been or are in the military and my little brother just started Army ROTC. Anyhow, my sister and I've have always wanted to be more actively supportive of those in the military and now that I'm graduated and actually supporting myself I have the freedom to do that, do you have any suggestions (the more specifics, the better)?

It can involve spending some money, but I don't want it to be JUST writing a check to the USO or something. My sister wanted to do care packages, do you know of any good organizations for that?

After my uncle got out of the navy he used to fly a lot so he'd buy lunch for anyone in uniform he met in the airport. I thought that was sweet, and my sister and I have each  been travelling alone a fair amount recently, but that doesn't seem like it would work as well for a younger woman travelling alone.That came out wrong, it's not that I'm  worried about safety, it's just I wouldn't want to come across like I'm coming on to them.

Anyhow, I just thought this would be a pretty good place for ideas.

Re: Non military girl supporting the military, suggestions?

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    Not all branches travel in uniform either, I always feel bad for the poor enlisted Marines who don't get lunch because they have different regulations for their cammies.

    There are a ton of organizations. (for any branch)

    Have you thought about volunteering at your closest USO?
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    Sadly there are no USO branches in my state. The thing is, I know there are tons of opportunities, I'm just a little overwhelmed and don't want to choose one that's a scam or something (some websites just look really homemade, which I know doesn't mean it's a scam, but I just had no criteria to sort through the many organizations).

    I'm glad you mentioned anysoldier, I've wondered about that one. But do you know of anything more personal, you send stuff to a specific soldier? Have you heard anything about
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    Ever since my husband was shot durring a deployment, I always suggest 
    This group collect handmade blankets, toiletries, snacks, letters, cards, snacks and many other things.  They distribute them to wounded service members. 


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    Check out Wounded Warriors...They may even have a local chapter for you to volunteer with.

    Good luck & thank you for your support & willingness to remember all our warriors!

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