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Military(Branch-Army) Wedding rules and/or traditions

Hello! I am new here and have a question about Army weddings. My FI is currently in Iraq till March and I am busy away planning our wedding. Since he is in the Army, I would like to incorporate that somehow or as much as possible. Are there any rules or tradtions that are to be followed with such weddings? Please Help!!!!
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Re: Military(Branch-Army) Wedding rules and/or traditions

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    I would definitely ask your FI first what he wants.  My H really didn't want any aspect of a "military wedding," and chose to wear a tux instead of his uniform.  So you should see what he is interested in doing first.  
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    Why does it say FI in your post but wife in your siggy?

    I ask because some traditions (like the arch) incorporate the idea of welcoming the bride to the service life, so it would be weird IMO to include that aspect of the arch if this is a vow renewal.
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    I am an ex wife. I must not have noticed enough to change it. Oops.

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    I agree my husband is in the Army also and he did NOT want anything in our wedding that delt with the military. He wore a tux instead of his uniform the only thing I did was as his grooms cake I did a grenede! He really liked that.
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