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FI assigned -- He is not happy :(

My FI is in the process of graduating Undergraduate Pilot Training for the AF. Assignment night was Friday and he learned he will pilot the KC 135 a refueler aricraft. His top was the C-5 and he is really bummed he didn't get it. The KC 135 was not in his top 10.
 I'm having a hard time cheering him up, none of my tricks are working--  he is bummed that he will never ever get to pilot his dream aircraft now. Personally, I'm happy we know where we are headed for first 4 yrs of our marriage and the fact that he is a Pilot in the USAF is enough for me to be proud of :) He is also worried because its an aircraft that has high deployment rate. (For me, the deployment doesn't worry me as much because it comes with the being a Military Spouse)

Anyone else have experience with anything similar? Or at least have advice for ways to cheer him up a bit?


Re: FI assigned -- He is not happy :(

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    I haven't been in your situation, but I have a few friends that have been through something similar. My advice would be to maybe give him a day or two to mope about it, and then see if he snaps out of it. Just keep reminding him that you're there for him, you love him, and that at the end of the day, he's still a USAF pilot and that will always be something to be proud of. Eventually he will snap out of it. Good luck!
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    My best advice would be to let him pout for a while. He had his heart set on something, and it didn't work out the way he had hoped. But in the end. It's not the end of the world. At least, like you said, you know where you'll be for the next 4 years!! I had to cheer up my FI when he didn't win his Meritorious board. ( he totally deserved it way more than the guy who won), in the end though I think I was more upset than FI was. things like this just happen with the Military. It's all about what is best for the needs of the DOD. :( Sorry he's so bummed though..
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    Just keep reminding him of how many people don't even get selected for training, or even to be Air Force Os at all.

    My father's dream was to be a pilot in the AF. But, when he got to the Vietnam era MEPS after he graduated from college, he learned for the first time he had a red green deficiency. He then made an insane job decision, which he still talks about and regrets. SO is in aviation, and his original aircraft is being phased out for a different aircraft, which he refused to transfer to (I wouldn't have either). He also refused to consider the aircraft he's now on. It was my idea for him to apply for this lat move, I knew he wouldn't be happy on the ground, and now he absolutely loves it, now that he's flying regularly again. I bet your FI will come around, he'll snap out of it, once he learns how cool his aircraft is, and how vital to the mission it is.

    YH gets to be a pilot in the most elite Air Force in the world. That's pretty bloody awesome.
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    WishICould I may just have to copy and paste this in an email to him. You said it beautifully! He called me last night to talk about TVs for us and housing which is step forward. :)

    Thanks Ladies! :)
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    My FI's class dropped about a two months ago and there were a lot of guy and gals that didn't like their aircraft. However since then most of them have started their follow on training in their specific planes. Even though some of them got their last choice being surrounded by the planes and other people who love what they do is a pretty good upper so don't be to worried because once he starts training it will get better. :)

    Ocassionally my FI gets in a slump about flying RPAs and not being in a airplane, even though he wanted RPAs. Thats when I start throwing back reasons he wanted to be in the Air Force in the first place. I just remind him about all the support he'll be giving those guys on the ground and how much they'll depend on him.

    PS the Best Man in our wedding is flying KC-135s and it was his first choice. Hes totally pumped because they're are a lot of awesome bases he can go to like a couple in FL, the UK and Japan!
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    Good luck to you both.
    I cannot imagine that has to be hard. 
    Just be supportive. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers God always knows what is best for us.
    yay!! for the discussion about TV's... electronics for guys must be what ice cream is for girls when dealing with disappointment lol :)
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    jfg - I couldn't agree more I think he is emotionally shopping :)
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    We've had several disappointments assignment wise. We got orders for IN within months of moving here ( and me starting college) he got orders for MO. I stayed behind for 2+ years. He came home a 18 months ago, then got orders for Afgahnistan in march with 2 weeks notice. I think the biggest disappointment of his military career is when he first joined he was a helicopter pilot after going active he flew less and less now he doesn't fly at all. He moped around for at least a month afterwards. He loves the military though and like the PP I always remind him of the love he has for his job, the opportunities given, something he wouldn't have had if he never joined. Always encourage him :] Hope everything goes well for you two.
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