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voter registration as a military wife?

Hi all!

I just wanted to ask a question from some of you "more experienced" military brides.  My husband is stationed in VA, but we're residents of PA.  Is there a way to register to vote in the state where we are stationed or do we have to vote absentee?


Re: voter registration as a military wife?

  • You can vote anywhere you have established residency.  If you want to keep PA residency, then you'll want to vote absentee.  If you want to establish VA residency, you are forfeiting your PA residency and establishing VA residency. That's fine, just make sure it's what you want to do, and not just for voting - it affects your taxes, too!  In the military, you and your husband can keep residency in any state where you each have established it, but once you give it up you can't re-claim it later unless you re-establish it. 

    Residency can be a tricky thing - shades of gray and all that.  Ideally, you either own or rent a home in the place where you establish residency, and thus get bills at that address.  You can get a drivers license at that location, register your cars at that location, and vote in that location.  Doing most or all of these things in one place establishes residency, and that can affect your taxes.  If your husband is stationed in Virginia, and you're living there, you should be able to register to vote there no problem. You might want to look into whether PA or VA have better tax codes before you go establishing VA residency by registering to vote there, though.

    You can request absentee ballots online now, it's really simple.  We're absentee in Florida as we're clinging to Florida residency (and thus no state income tax).



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