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A camo/hunting themed wedding

Okay, so I can pretty much see everyone's expression when reading the title. But my fiance and I are both hunters/fishers. We both LOVE camo and want to have it in our wedding decor, but we don't know how much is too much and also what we should get decoration/ceremony wise in camo. Your advice is much appreciated. (:

Re: A camo/hunting themed wedding

  • i love it. do you watch teen mom on MTV? The girl Leah did a camo themed wedding and they rocked it.
  • i am a little bit of an outdoorsy girl myself and wish you luck!!

    how does lots of branches for decor sound. Instead of using actual camo what about using the colors of camo, such as accents of tan and olive green? you could have small accents of camo but you need to make sure you only have one kinds and not too much there is where it could clash

  • In Response to Re: A camo/hunting themed wedding:
    i love it. do you watch teen mom on MTV? The girl Leah did a camo themed wedding and they rocked it.
    Posted by chocolategirl3000
    Yes she did! I think that only you will know if too much is too much. 
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  • My friend had a semi camo themed wedding. I know she had a camo garter set. I would check out etsy.com when you start buying all the accessories for the wedding.

    Here is a site that might help:


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  • You are not alone in loving hunting and camo.   We are having an outdoor wedding with my FI and groomsmen wearing tan suites with camo ties and bridesmaids in chocolate brown.  My colors are olive green, brown and ivory.  I've incorporated green burlap, mason jars and wood slices. 

    Good luck with your planning.  You'll know when it's too much camo.
  • I think I saw a camo guest book on etsy or recycled bride.
  • Our wedding is not camo themed, but my FI and are avid hunters as well (I personally love bow hunting).  I am incorporating little bits and pieces of camo such as the GM's are wearing camo vests with their tuxes, and I am making the table for the groomscake with camo accents and the grooms cake will be a hunting theme.  I also bought a camo garter set.  Would love to see pics of your wedding after...I'm sure it's going to turn out awesome! :)  Good luck to you!

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    love camo! we are pretty woodsy ourselves but not enough to do camo. Something I saw that was super cute at a camo wedding was the men had mossy oak vests and ties then the bride had camo ribbon to lace up her corset back. 

    if we did have a camo wedding i was going to give in and buy these boots for under my dress.....they aren't camo but it was my only reason to ever buy them as a redneck type of wedding would be my only justified way to spend that much on a pair of shoes lol

  • Allison, thank you thank you thank you! for posting that picture of the boots. We're getting married outside in front of a waterfall and heels are so not an option and I'm wearing riding boots and want they to look more wedding like. I'm going to see if my aunt (seemstress) can do something like this to mine! Seven hundred dollars for boots is a little bit extreme. My dress was seven hundred lol.
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  • I saw a really cool centerpiece with antler sheds. I've also seen reversible vests that could be black for the ceremony and camo on the other side for the reception.
  • Thanks to all of you for replying! My family is totally against the camo so I thought it would be really tacky to have a camo wedding. I will post pictures as I go along and at the end. I already have camo vests picked out for the groomsmen and brown dresses for the bridesmaids. And also my wedding dress has a camo accent to it.

    And yes I did see Teen Mom, and I loved Leah's wedding ideas! I'm thinking about stealing a few ideas.

    Thanks again for the support(:
  • Would love to know where you saw the centerpieces with antler sheds.  That is one thing I was planning on using with my centerpieces but can not fiqure out how to incorporate them other than to put them next to the vases with candles and flowers in them.  Thanks
  • My lord, can some of you hunting ladies come move near me?  The girls at work think I'm crazy.
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  • im also doing a camo wedding. its hard to find camo decorations but i found a few sites that might help....

    hope these help alittle
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