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Hale Koa- Waikiki Hawaii

Just wondering is anyone has been to Hale Koa, we are planning on honeymooning there and I was just looking for some insite into the hotel. Is the beach nice? is it easy to get around from there? are the rooms decent? TIA!

Re: Hale Koa- Waikiki Hawaii

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    My FIL has stayed there and he says its awesome, he really enjoyed himself and he likes the way its set up, especially with how each rank pays something different. He is a retired E9, so he obviously had more money to spend that Hubby and I would if we had gone there... does that make any sense?  I haven't personally been, but I have looked at it online and it looks really nice. Perhaps when you get back you can tell us all about it!! Sorry if this wasn't any help..
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    The beach is nice, it's short walk from the Hale Koa to the beach, 5 minutes maybe.  It does book up pretty quick so I would try to get your reservations in as soon as you know you are going.

    It's in the downtown area, so there are lots of places to eat and to enjoy the night life that are in walking distance from the hotel. 

    The room we had was a typical hotel room. 

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    I've stayed there many times, and there are pros and cons, much like any other hotel.

    -Located near downtown (shopping, nightclubs, restaurants, beach)
    -Tiered pricing dependant upon rank
    -Clean rooms
    -Little store inside hotel for stuff like sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses
    -Barefoot bar
    -Parking very close to hotel (you have to pay though)

    -Lots of tourists
    -No pool (I don't think...I can't remember...)
    -Waikiki beach is very small and fills up fast. For great beaches with plenty of sand for you to sprawl out on, you're better off sticking to the North Shore.

    Personally, I would much prefer to stay at Turtle Bay on the North Shore. Sure, it's more expensive, but I'd be willing to cut my honeymoon by one or two days if it meant a nicer room far away from the tourists and traffic in downtown Honolulu. It's only about an hour drive from the North Shore to downtown, so if I really wanted to do touristy stuff, it wouldn't be that hard.
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    They do have a pool, I think they have couple if I remember correctly.
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    I loved the Hale Koa!  We stayed there in August of 2009.  It's on the quieter end of the strip in Waikiki so within walking distance of lots of restaurants and shopping.  The px in the hotel is great for sunscreen/gifts to bring home.  There was a pool and the hotel is on the beach but has some nice green space around it too.  It may not be as luxurious or trendy as some other hotels but the room we had was pretty large and everything was in great shape. 

    Really, how can you go wrong with a honeymoon in Hawaii :  )
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    Thanks everyone!!!! Im really excited now!
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    my fiancee went there and said its amazing...thats why were going there for our honeymoon bc ive always wanted to go to hawaii and he said it was so nice there
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    I stayed there with my fiance the first few days in Hawaii... later that week we ended up engaged! I love the Hale Koa. I would definitely go back and the Banyan tree and surrounding gardens are amazing! There was a wedding going on outside our balcony while we were there and it was gorgeous! Rooms are not extremely nice but definitely equivalent to most other hotels around there. And the staff is super helpful!
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    I LOVE the Hale Koa -- I was there for 6 weeks for a rotation as a med student at Tripler -- I moved from the Hilton --> Aqua Hotel --> Hale Koa (b/c I didn't like the hotels) and I LOVED the Hale Koa.

    I stayed in the new tower (on the right hand side, can't remember the name, sorry!).  They have WONDERFUL views and Ft. Derussy that surrounds it provides a really nice buffer from the other hotels.

    Oh and there are 3 pools or so :)
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    It's not that great, but it's REALLY CHEAP for Waikiki ( I lived in Waikiki before this PCS). You get your room rate by your pay grade, so that's awesome.
    It's nice enough. All the rooms are the same size, you just pay more for a better view. At least the "partial ocean view" is worth it over the "garden view."

    And travel. Take the bus to the north shore and snorkel at shark's cove and hanauma bay. And jet ski or parasail. Hawaii is awesome--I miss it.

    Just don't expect special treatment for being newlywed. :( Too many newlyweds. However, you will probably meet other cool newlyweds.

    Congrats and have fun!
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