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I'm from New Orleans, he's from Chicago...

so where would we have the wedding? We have been talking a lot about where we should think to have our wedding since his family lives in Illinois and mine live in Louisiana. Neither family has the funds to travel long distance for a wedding and we certainly don't have the money to pay for a large amount of family members to travel. Any ideas?

Re: I'm from New Orleans, he's from Chicago...

  • Where are you guys living? To me, that makes the biggest difference. If you aren't living in the same town, and you're going to be the main planner of the wedding, do it where you live (I assume New Orleans). If he's still living in Chicago and you're both comfortable with him (or his family) doing the majority of the planning, then do it there. 

    We chose to do the wedding in my hometown (in MS) because I knew I could plan long-distance to there (we live in TX) because I know the town and because I had family there who were chomping at the bit to help. To me, having people who can put their feet on the ground was important. We have family coming in from all over the country, you'd be amazed what people can plan for if given enough notice. Also, since flying Chicago to New Orleans will be flying from one hub airport to another, people can probably get some really good deals. 
  • I'm with Div on this one... 

    my H's family is from CA/WA/OR, my family is from VA. He was living in FL and I was in VA. We planned a VA wedding; we knew it would be so much easier because I was there and so could do planning and things in person. Also, my grandmother can't fly and his could. It wasn't cheap, but we made sure everyone had plenty of notice so they could plan accordingly. Almost all of his family was able to come (and he has a really big family). People will make it work. 
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  • I'm from MN, he's from SC and we live in NC. So, we are having it in Hawaii with just our immediately family. That way it doesn't look like we are favoring one side or the other and it is so much cheaper since there are only going to be a few people there!
  • Where are you going to live once you are married?
  • I'm from California and my husband is from New York but he's stationed in Norfolk, VA so we're having the wedding in Virginia. We've told our family already but we're giving our guests about 10 months to save for the travel expense. IIn my opinion, it was just easier to have it here where we live. That and I want a small wedding & he wants a big one so I figure we can invite a bunch of people (238) but I only expect about 150 tops.
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