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Iraq wedding planning!

Hello all, 

My name is Lauren and I just started planning my wedding for next New Years Eve to my wonderful man of 8 years who's my high school sweetheart turned college sweetheart turned army sweetheart...however I'm deployed to Iraq which is making this difficult. If anybody has any advice on planning a wedding via the middle east I would love the advice! We're getting married back home in the DC area and since we're both military the only time we can be home is the holidays, hence the holiday wedding!  Also, any feedback on the okay or not okay on only serving heavy appetizers for a reception that won't start until 9pm would be much appreciated as well! 

Re: Iraq wedding planning!

  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    You are fine to only do heavy appetizers if you are starting that late.  As long as you aren't having your reception during a regular meal time then you are fine.

    As for planning, I would highly suggest hiring a wedding planner.  You can give them ideas of what you want, and they can look into the different venues and vendors for you.  They can be your point of contact for all of your vendors, and its much easier for you to have to only deal with one person, instead of all of your vendors.  

    If you aren't interested in a wedding planner, I would look into finding a venue that offers as much as possible for you.  Many vendors have tables and chairs and linens, and their own caterer or chef.  But there are even some out there that will take care of everything, including flowers and music.  Perhaps you could find a place like that so you don't have to worry about so many different vendors. 
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  • kyrgyzstankyrgyzstan member
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    What time does your ceremony start though? Because if you're having that during dinner hours, then I think serving a meal is important. So, if your ceremony starts at, say 7 or earlier, I think you should serve a meal, because people will be getting ready during the meal time, driving, etc.

    As for planning from IQ, I don't have much advice. One of the ladies who has been deployed should be able to give better advice. Good luck!
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  • armygirl03armygirl03 member
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    Thanks guys! Our ceremony isn't starting until 830 so we're going to have appetizers before the ceremony and a dinner afterwards with both the ceremony and reception at the same site on a big enclosed riverboat to keep things simple and keep everybody happy. Thanks! 
  • calindicalindi member
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    Please tell me you're not doing Spirit Cruises.  I used to work for them, and they were truly awful.  There's another one that's beautiful, Odyssey or something.

    Anyway, that sounds beautiful, and a great way to keep things simple!  Luckily with a boat as your setting, you won't need too many flowers or decorations since it will already be gorgeous.  Just tableclothes, centerpieces, and a cake!

    Good luck, and thank you for your service!



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    I agree with the PP that recommended getting a planner. You have some more pressing concerns with being in the AOR, I imagine, so wedding planning shouldn't be distracting you (unless it's a good escape for you!, then go for it!) Plus the extra deployment pay you pull can help pay for a planner, I'm sure.
    Good luck with your deployment and congrats on your upcoming marriage. Mil-to-mil can be hard sometimes, and I respect you and admire you for doing it for 8 years!
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