Rehearsal dinner - downtown burlington

Anyone have good suggestions?  I don't live in VT anymore and places I would have used have changed hands or are no longer good.  Any ideas of a space with a private (ish) area for a group of 20 where the food will be really good (and I don't need to cater)?  Was considering Daily Planet, Single Pebble.... What else should I consider?  Anything on the waterfront?  There used to be this amazing place....

Re: Rehearsal dinner - downtown burlington

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    Sweetwaters, on church street, rents out their upstairs area for private parties. Their food is always great too! We're considering having our rehersal dinner there as well. They have details on their website, if you're interested.
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    We had our rehearsal dinner at Magnolia and it was great! We had 25 people. They are not open for dinner except for private parties. They did the catering and bar and were very flexible and accommodating.

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    I second Magnolia.  Drink bar also has a private function room and I believe they do food catering (they obviously do beverage catering).  Super nice people at Drink too.
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    Thanks so much - Magnolia looks like just what we're after.  Contacting now for more details....
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