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Thanks to the awesomeness that it pinterest I found the interesting idea of tying a fisherman's knot during the ceremony (as opposed to a unity candle or a sand cermony). The saying is '"It’s the strongest knot. The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure." I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has seen this post, but I can't seem to find a decent "How to" so I can learn to tie this knot and I don't want it to come untied if we tested it's strength in front of everyone. Any one have any suggestions?

Thanks and good luck on your weddings ladies, I'm sure y'all will be beautiful!! 

Re: Knot Tying Ceremony

  • oh crazy I'm doing the same thing! Found it on pinterest too!  here's a link to a site I found, I bet they have a video on youtube too.


  • I love this idea especially since my fiancee is a Seaman in the military. This is a nice way to bring that aspect of his life to the ceremony.
  • Thanks Jujub! I'll check it out. 

    unvme2012, the knot tying would be perfect for y'all! I don't like the unity candle (the meaning is nice and all, but still) and I feel like a sand ceremony is out of place of the front porch of a colonial style home, so I needed something different. 
  • Have you guys found any decent websites for the actual wording to the ceremony? I found the idea on Pinterest too but can't find anything about the actual ceremony!
  • Crap.  Did not even think about what the officiant would say as we are tying it!
  • I plan on doing this also, found the idea.via pinterest. My fiancé is a huge fisherman, along with my family. Thought this was a neat way to tie his second love into our wedding In an elegant way. Where are you purchase g the supplies? I agree with your last post about the officiant
  • This should be an easy ceremony to do supplies wise. Just a rope, something big enough that the guests can see, but not too big or slick that will make it hard to tie. The link jujub shared shows a good sized white rope that I'm sure we could find at any hardware store. =)
  • Thanks for the ideas about the wording.  I really like the part about saying that it only gets tighter over time and with pressure.
    I think we are going to tie a celtic heart knot.  I found it on Pinterest as well.  It's a knot that actually looks like a heart, but we're going to have to practice a lot because it's a little tricky!!
  • I found this.  My husband is in the Navy as well so we did this in our ceremony.

    (officiant asks the mothers for the cords.)
    "May we now have the cords."
    (grooms's mother stands and hands him a cord. She returns to her seat.)
    (bride's mother stands and hands her a cord. She returns to her seat.)
    (officiant prompts the tying of the knot.)
    "Groom and Bride, these two lengths of cord represent your separate families and individual lives before today. I ask that you each take one piece, and that together you bind them in a true lovers' knot. Tying this knot signifies that your two families and your two lives are now and forever bound together as one.
    (Groom and Bride tie the knot!)
    (Officiant summons knot bearer to retrieve the knot.)
    (Knot bearer comes up and Groom and Bride place knot in box.)
    (Knot bearer closes box and returns to his seat.)
  • We've decided to do the Knot Tying Ceremony as well. I love the wording that was included on Pinterest. Use those but I say be creative as well. I haven't found many results online so that inspired me to create my own ceremony. Make it reflect who you two really are as a couple.

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    Want to do this in my ceremony! What size rope should I buy?
  • In Response to Re:Knot Tying Ceremony:
    This should be an easy ceremony to do supplies wise. Just a rope, something big enough that the guests can see, but not too big or slick that will make it hard to tie. The link jujub shared shows a good sized white rope that I'm sure we could find at any hardware store. Posted by Kara Hewitt
  • I'm doing this as well! Saw it on pinterest a few months back! :D
  • I officiate wedding ceremonies in west Michigan.  A couple asked me participate in a knot tying ceremony.  They don't know how to do it.  We talked about it at the rehearsal yesterday.  They want the "knot tying" instead of sand ceremony or candle (it's outside) because they live in a lake community and love boating.  I don't know what to say except for something like:

    "Family and friends, as you know, Keegan and April both love boating and so they have decided to tie the knot literally and figuratively. [Then addressing the couple as I tie her left hand to his right] April and Keegan, as you have decided to tie bind our lives together with a knot that cannot be broken, may you both enjoy happy sailing, weather all the storms life may bring and always find safe harbor." [After the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife, they will kiss, turn and face the gathering and lift their tied hands. There is no recessional with this ceremony it is being done on the edge of the dock, so the wedding party is boarding boats for lake pictures].

    Comments and improvement are appreciated.  Also, feel free to use. 

  • Very nicely put!  This is a user friendly platform to personalize for this ceremony type.
  • I am loving this format also--really good template.  This is becoming one of my favorite ceremony types to officiate!  Love the tradition...love the stories behind it!
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