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Dress shopping and weight loss

Hey, ladies Here's the deal. Bf hasn't popped the question. Still, we're planning to get married in August of 2010. The ceremony will be super small and simple. Of course I want a simple dress for the occasion. The thing is, I'm on weight watchers and going to the gym. I'm hoping to lose 50-60 lbs. by August. So, how does it work? Do I wait until May to go dress shopping? I know some people will think I'm jumping the gun. I'm not planning to shop until after he officially proposes. I'm just curious as to how the whole thing works. I really appreciate any input from those engaged or married ladies who hang around NEY. Of course I appreciate any opinions/help.

Re: Dress shopping and weight loss

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    I've gone through some major weight loss myself, but I will tell you- don't wait. They can always take IN the dress, but they can't really let it out. That being said, I'd start looking before May...way before May. The fact that you're planning your wedding means you're already engaged- the ring is just to let everyone ELSE in the world know you're engaged...so there's nothing wrong with shopping now. If you don't find anything, you don't find anything...but the last thing you want to do is end up racing around in May trying to find a dress. That doesn't leave them a lot of time to do alterations anyway. Jenn
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    I've been engaged for 9 months and I still haven't gone dress shopping but that's mostly because I too am trying to drop some pounds.  Also because I hate trying things on.  Love shopping, just hate the dressing room.  :-) Seriously if you guys are planning on getting married in August then you're already kind of engaged.  A lot of folks may say you're jumping the gun by going dress shopping but if you think that will help motivate your weight loss then wtfever, your money is green.  But don't go because you believe the hype that you need to get your dress a year in advance.Sorry this answer is rambling but my advice is go if you feel like it but I would go alone lest your friends think you are nutty.
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    Well, maybe I'll start looking in Feb. I'll be officially engaged then and will feel more comfortable. I guess the gown can always be taken in.
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    That is so exciting to have a date for the wedding. I can't wait to hear how is going to propose. Congrats on all this so far :DAs for the dress, I agree that starting to take a look at what you like now is probably best. I am not engaged nor do we have a wedding date set in stone. I did start looking as well, and our wedding will also be small and simple with mainly direct family.Congrats again on your bright future :)
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    Keep in mind that some dresses take a long time to come in once ordered.  I had a very simple dress and it took 24 weeks.  24 very long and anxiety filled weeks.
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    I lost 20 lbs. over the summer using a program called Isagenix. I knew we would be getting engaged soon I just didn't know when exactly. I wanted to already have my weight gone before I went dress shopping. I got engaged in August 31st and just bought my dress this past weekend. My wedding is in March and they said it would be cutting it close to order one. So I ended up buying it off the rack, luckily the dress shop was willing to sell me the dress that I loved and it was only 1 size too big!I would recommed going dress shopping at least 6 months in advance if not sooner!
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    I would shop long before then. My dress is already in and at my parents' house for an August 2010 wedding. I just happened to find what I like and wanted. But with arrival times, alterations etc, you really don't want to wait til May. Better to have a dress too big that can be altered than sweating it out wondering if your dress will arrive in time.
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    I would definitely shop before May for a August 2010 wedding - I ordered my dress in May for my September wedding and it came in mid-August and that's pretty quick for a dress.
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