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I love my family but...

My wedding is in nineteen days (eek!), and my mother is a bit pushy.  I've tried really hard to incorporate her ideas, and since her and my father are paying for the reception, I let them pick everything for it once the venue was chosen (food, drinks, etc.).  My mother keeps pushing me to include more and more family members in arrangements, like cousins playing piano at my ceremony and trying to set up a jazz trio of family members at the reception.  I think this is inappropriate.  What's worse is that it's only her family that she's including.  Out of 150 guests, only ten of them are from my father's side, and she complains every time my Mother in law does something similar.  What to do?  I love my family, and I'm grateful that they want to contribute, but this is getting out of hand.  I also think my fiancee's family is going to start getting offended if she keeps excluding them.    

Re: I love my family but...

  • Tell her it's a wedding not a recital.
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    Tell her it's a wedding not a recital.
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    I could not have said it better!
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  • Tell her everything is finalized and there will be no major changes now. Period.
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  • I would tell her that you appreciate her paying for it but jsut becaus she is it is not her wedding its you and your fiances & paying for does not automatically mean she gets to decide evrything.
  • I agree with MissySue.  It is 19 days until your wedidng.  You can't keep changing all the details or else things could get crazy.  Tell her that there will be no more major changes. 
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  • Yeah with 19 days to go, there shouldn't be any more major changes.  I would just reassure your Mom that everything is under control and to just enjoy these last few days!! 
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