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bachelorette party

My MOH is 15 years old...does anyone have any ideas for an apporopriate bachelorette party?  I would love to include my little sister in the festivities, but without any strippers, bars, etc. 

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  • What about a nice day at a spa (she could do a manicure/pedicture) and dinner?
  • We just went to a restaurant and had a nice dinner. You could also go to a pool hall or out for karaoke. 
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    Pick something you love doing and incorporate that.  For 2 of the Stagettes I helped plan, one was 9 holes of golf, the other was a quick voyager canoe trip through our river valley as those were both important activities to each Bride.  Yes, they involved going out to a bar that night, but you can easily choose a restaurant instead.  Maybe something like Melting Pot, where it lasts several hours, or depending on the size of you event, finding a chef's table somewhere.  That does tend to cost a lot of cash though, but I think a cool experience like that would make it memorable and very cool for your sister too.  Other fun ideas might be paintball, a day on roller oasters, spa day as mentioned, skiing/snowboarding trip.  Not sure of numbers/budget, so I'm just trying to throw ideas out there.  
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  • My MOH was also not 21.  We got a room at a hotel with a water park.  We went to the waterpark in the afternoon, and then went out to dinner and spent the night at the hotel.
  • Spa day plus fancy dinner? That's basically what we did for my b-party, and it was a lot of fun.
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  • When I was in my one friend's wedding, both the MOH and one of the BMs were underage, so we wound up going out for hibachi, a movie and ended the night with cosmic bowling. We all had a blast.

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    We did the spa for a few hours, then dinner, then out to a bar. The spa and dinner were my favorite parts; I could have easily called it a night after those!  And both kid-friendly! 
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    PPs made some great suggestions--you can always do under 21 appropriate activities and then go out to a bar later on with your friends who are of age if that's important.  Just remember, you shouldn't be planning your own bachelorette party anyways, so if it does come up, just remind your other bridesmaids that it's important to include your sister.
  • I'm in the same boat as you are. My MOH will be 17 when I get married so I came up with crazy colored knee highs, converse, jean shorts, tank tops. And we are going to Chili's and then possibly a movie. So that way if someone, my other BM's are over 21, want to drink they can. I hope this helps.
  • We did Painting with a Twist, which is like a painting class that is BYOB. That way those that are over 21 can still have a glass or 2, but it's not centered around drinking. Um, also, it's a BLAST.

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    We did a giant sleepover complete with a John Hughes movie marathon, junk food, and several blenders of drinks, some alcoholic, some not. We even played mystery date and gave each other "make overs". It was a blast.
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    That sounds awesome!
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  • Thank you everybody for your ideas!  They are all great and I will be sure to pass them along :)
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