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Weirdest Wedding Dream?

I'm a little less than a month away from my wedding date, and I'm starting to have wedding nightmares several times a week!  I have incredibly vivid dreams that I generally remember after I wake up.  The most recent was about RSVPs (ours were due Friday). I dreamed FI's cousin RSVP'd with her dentist, and when I called her to tell her that "unfortunately the invitation was just for her and her fiance" (the line I learned from the E board!) she went on about the importance of dental health, and how poor dental hygiene can lead to heart attacks, so this man was very important to her.

I woke up and started laughing at myself.  Why can't I have normal dreams like forgetting my dress?

What wedding dreams have you girls had?

Re: Weirdest Wedding Dream?

  • I'm 53 days (a little less than 8 weeks). The other night I dreamt that I was somewhere going over centerpieces and I decided or someone decided I needed to have a centerpiece hanging over the table because it was too bare without it. I saw the centerpiece that had been made and it was in the wrong colors! I got so upset in the dream because I kept saying the colors were wrong and no one cared. I started crying in my dream and apparently started crying in my sleep as well! My FI woke me up and asked me why I was crying. I was pretty confused so I told him what happened and he laughed and told me it was 3am and I was dreaming!!

    Definitely the oddest dream so far!
  • I'm still very far from the wedding date (as you can tell from my ticker), so I've only had one wedding dream that I remember.

    Basically, I woke up, and it was my wedding day and nothing was done.  I hadn't bought a dress yet, so I needed to go get one quickly from a store, but I didn't have time.  Then my hair and my make-up weren't done, so I just went to my wedding basically as I had woke up.

    I remember being very upset that this was my wedding day and I didn't feel beautiful, all my plans were ruined, and I wasn't enjoying myself.  And I was late and pretty much missed most of it.

    I ALWAYS have dreams like this before big events.  I had about 100 dreams that I missed my prom before the big day.  I've also had dreams that I was really late to a vacation, so much so that I missed all the activities and it was already time to go home.

    There's just never enough time in my dreams.  I'm sure I'll have a thousand of those dreams when I get closer to the wedding.

  • The oddest one I've had so far is that I'm getting ready to head to the church, everything seem perfect, then I realize that its been weeks since I shaved my armpits, and I start freaking out.  My MOH is already all over this one. I've had others where I lose my shoes, or the tent doesn't arrive, but the armpits one is definitely the weirdest so far.
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