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Job Woes..

In addition to my full time, 45-hour a week job I have been working part-time about 15-20 hours a week for a month or so to save for wedding expenses.  The job is not terrible, although the pay is about half of what I make at my day job... but I am SO burned out already! When I was in college, I worked full-time and went to classes 4 nights a week for two years, so I'm used to long hours and hard work... So I don't really get why the burnout has settled in so quickly.  I don't get nearly enough sleep, so I'm an emotional mess, and it's straining my relationship with FI.  I have no time to ride my horse, spend any time with friends, and very little time with FI.  I'm really starting to feel like it's just not worth the extra $$.  If I want to save for the wedding without having a second job, I'll have to cut my expenses pretty significantly but it's definitely possible.  The job isn't all bad, either. The people I work with are nice, and it's easy work.  But altogether, I'm working 11-15 hour days, 5-6 days a week. :/

What would you do?

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