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Booking blocks of rooms

Most of the people who we are inviting to our wedding are local, with the exception of my aunts/uncles/cousins who will be staying at either my dad's place or his girlfriend's.  There are maybe 10 people (2-3 couples and a family) who are planning to come in from out of town.  Do you think that we should leave accommodations totally up to them, give them suggestions, or go as far as 'reserving' blocks of rooms, like you might if you were doing a destination wedding. 

Since the family who will be coming actually used to live here and they know people here, my feeling for them is to just leave it up to them, and to tell them that we're happy to chime in with suggestions of they need it.  For the other couples, they've all at least been here so I;m thinking that they're probably not likely to need too much help that way.  Plus, they don't actually know one another, so it's not like they would want to coordinate or something.

I should also mention that we live in a city that has a huge tourism industry, so it's not like accomodations of any type are hard to find, even in the high season.

I know that I'm probably over-thinking this, but I want the guests to feel welcome and I don't know what is considered normal or acceptable in this realm.

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Re: Booking blocks of rooms

  • For so few people I would leave it up to the individuals because you will most likely not meet the required number of rooms to reserve a room block.
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  • The advantage to blocking rooms is that typically they get a discount (for ours, a room that was normally $120 a night was $99 a night within our block). Call around to different hotels. Ours did not have a minumum number of rooms to block, and most importantly, did not charge for unused rooms. It was sort of no harm, no foul.

    I might block rooms at one hotel where guests would get a discount--I always find that nice as a wedding guest--but also list some other possible accommodations so it is ultimately up to them.

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  • In Response to Re:Booking blocks of rooms:
    For so few people I would leave it up to the individuals because you will most likely not meet the required number of rooms to reserve a room block. Posted by HobokenBride2012
    This. I am a hotel sales coordinator and that amount of people would not meet requirements for my hotels and I highly doubt any others either. Even if they all chose to stay at the hotel you block, you still wouldn't have enough. Most hotels start at a minimum of ten rooms. I would leave it to the guests.
  • We were able to get blocks of rooms with no requirement to fill them.  I think we blocked 10 rooms at one hotel and 15 at another, with no commitment.  Any rooms not booked 30 days before the wedding would be released to the public.  We had the option to add more rooms if they all filled up, provided rooms were still available.   The drawback was we didn't get very much of a discount (maybe $10/night?).   The upside is that most of our guests ended up staying in the same hotel, so everyone was together.     

    No matter what you do, people will look to see if they can get a better deal. People usually have loyalty points with certain chains which offer better deals than you can get with a block of rooms.   If it's really only a handful of peope who might get rooms, then I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Thanks to all who responded.  You advice was very helpful!
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  • edited January 2013

    Just b/c you don't have alot of OOTers doesn't mean they won't want to stay- something to think about. How late does your wedding end? Ours ends @ 1:30am and a lot of local people are staying just b/c they don't want to drink and drive.

    I would say if you don't get charged for not filling the rooms or are not required to fill a %, it can't hurt to just have a block booked. More people might stay then you think will.

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  • I blocked rooms and locals have already booked. they are getting a great discount and a shuttle to the hotel after the reception. I'm not responsible for any rooms that aren't booked, so made sense to me to do it since reception ends at midnight.
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