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Navy Dresses.....What color of shoes?

I am getting married in September and having my bridesmaids wear navy (marine blue) dresses.  What color of shoes would you have them wear?  Would black work?

Re: Navy Dresses.....What color of shoes?

  • tldhtldh
    I have a killer pair of navy blue patent leather heels from Nine West.  If you can't find something along those lines, I'd try a strappy beige or subtle gold.

    If they're going to be in long dresses, I wouldn't worry too much about this.
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  • Silver heels.
  • I don't think black would be terrible, but a metallic might be better.  Silver, gold, or bronze, depending on your other colors.
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  • I would also go w/ silver or gold, depending on which suits the colors/accessories better.
  • Ditto pp. I would let them pick their shoes out, maybe just give them a color. That is what I did.
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  • My BMs dresses are horizon blue (royal/cobalt blue) and they are wearing silver shoes.  The dresses are long so I let my BMs pick whatever shoes they want. The funny thing is I wasn't too worried about the color of the shoes but they were!
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  • I wore a light blue wedding dress with silver heels and it looked great, so silver might also work for dark blue. My MOH wore navy bue with darker gray heels and they worked perfectly. I've always heard that black and blue don't go together.
  • megk8ozmegk8oz
    My mom wore a sapphire colored dress (Very close to the marine color, a little more 'purple' in it) to my wedding with silver heels, it looked great together.

    I would just pick a metallic: gold, silver, pewter, bronze, whatever, and then just have them pick their own shoes in that color. Nobody ever looks at the BMs' shoes anyway, and this way each of your girls can pick something that they'll wear more than once.

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  • I agree silver girls are wearing  black dresses and they have silver shoes as well
  • Definitely silver shoes.

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  • I think silver shoes would look good
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  • I had navy dresses and I let the girls just wear whatever shoes they wanted.  Some wore silver, some wore black.
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  • i agree, silver!  love silver heels!
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  • While I think silver is fine, I like maybe pewter or nude.  Nude heels are really in style now and they look fantastic with EVERYTHING.  Silver may be a little too flashy if that's not what you are going for.

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  • My BF had BMs in navy, and they wore yellow shoes and they were soooo cute!

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