Venues in Livingston

Looking for a reception site in Livingston; getting married July 2011 (hot, hot, hot) so would like to have it inside...

Re: Venues in Livingston

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    Have you tried the old train depot?  I heard they have an amazing space, and have seen pictures from a wedding that was done there.  There were pics somewhere on theknot.  I am not from there, but it is a pretty place.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the info.  I checked and the museum is open June-Aug so the reception area is unavailable unless the # of guest is really small...but the outside area is available.
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  • Does anyone know of a place to get married in Paradise Valley besides the music ranch and deep creek range, want something somewhat inexpensive.. thinking if there was a land owner that would let us get married out in their field or something.. want the view of the valley and mountains!

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