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The day of wedding

My wedding is going to be at 7:30pm I am struggling what to do that whole day with out going crazy for anticipation!?! If anyone has any ideas please share!!

Re: The day of wedding

  • I'd just try to stay busy. I think you'll be surprised by how much there will be to do the day of. Or if you have time, go get a massage and a mani/pedi. 

  • Our wedding was at 6pm and the whole day flew by.

    You'll be fine
  • Our wedding was a 6pm and the whole day flew by. I have to be in the salon by 9 and ready for pictures by 2.  It was like the blink of an eye.
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    Our wedding was at 6pm.  The whole day was busy and moved quickly!  Trust me, you're not going to be sitting around with all kinds of free time.  :D
  • I agree that you'll be extremely busy the day of your wedding. If you have any extra time, i'd sleep a little late in the morning. It was soo hard for me to fall asleep the night before so I would have loved an extra hour or two. 
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