Le Petit Chateau in Bozeman

We are going to be getting married at a relatively new venue in Bozeman called Le Petit Chateau and we are so excited about it. It is so beautiful inside and out! I know they have been advertising a lot more recently. Is anyone else planning on getting married there? How big or small are you going? If you haven't checked it out, you should!

Re: Le Petit Chateau in Bozeman

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    I'm getting married there too!!! Isn't it wonderful!? when is your wedding?
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    Not until next July, but we are very excited. Its perfect for us because we are not the traditional Montana type. We had no interest in getting married in a barn or on a ranch. This place is classy and beautiful. So excited:) When's your day?
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    Next June, we were thinking the exact same thing! We both grew up in montana but wernt ready to have any hay anywhere near our wedding ;)
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