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His dad isn't paying for anything

I feel bad that my parents are paying for the whole wedding. We help as much as we can, but my fiance has to pay for his own college. His dad won't pay for tuxes and won't even get himself a tux for the wedding pictures. He did agree to pitch in fifty for catering, but he said if he does that he won't buy us a wedding gift. His dad makes 100,000 a yr so I know he can help us out. My parents are the ones who have always been there for us. His dad hasn't helped us with anything at all. His mom is even pitching in more than he is for catering and she doesn't even make close to what he makes. I try not to say anything bad cause I mean that's his dad, but it's frustrating. My parents are paying for the rehearsal dinner too and his mom wants it to be catered, but my arents don't have the money for it to be catered and the wedding to be catered. 
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