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I have to change my wedding date

Yesterday, My Mother informed me that I have to postpone my wedding because my parents and many of their friends wouldn't be available. At this point, the reception hall, church and DJ, however the wedding isn't until May 2011. I booked them all last fall when both families agreed on a date. Is this going to cost me a lot in cancellation fees?

Re: I have to change my wedding date

  • So they agreed to the date and then changed their mind?  That's very frustrating.  Have you told them that all of these things are already booked?  If you change  to another date when all your vendors are available, they likely won't charge you a fee, but if your date is one when they are already booked, you will probably loose deposits.

    What is going on on your proposed wedding date that your family seems to think is worth you having to cancel over?
  • It's a regional business meeting for orchid judges in Ontario, Quebec, and Northern New York. It will be in Montrael and I'm getting married in Toronto. My mother will actually be the chair of the organization at that point (there's a whole process, so someone else can't just take her place). The thing is... this business meeting is apparently the same weekend every year. So my mother should have brought this up when we originally all got out our planners to make sure no one had any conflicts.
  • That is a tought spot to be in right now. I agree with goheels05, but I know I still would be upset at my parents for that. Check into everything and if you end up losing your deposits, maybe your mom will cover them or something. I know things come up, but that is a year away. I hope you didn't already send STD's.
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  • Ugh.  Yeah, she really should have pointed that out when you first asked her about the date.  Good luck with your vendors. Hopefully you can schedule for a different date that they all are free!
  • Call all of your vendors asap and see if they all have an opening for another date that works. Chances are since you are so far out if they have another date available they won't charge you to change it. If you do have cancellation fees, I would talk to your parents about covering them.

    Also, have you sent out STDs? If you have, you need to contact people right away of the change of date to make sure that no OOT guests started making travel plans (I know you have a year but some people have to put in for days off a year in advance at work).
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  • Why are the ALL busy a year away?? Is their something happening? Because I barally know what's happening next week. I hope it's something VERY important & not a criuse they all want to go on.
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  • That just sounds like a crappy situation.

    I know that if I was told my family member was getting married a year away - I'd clear my schedule.  Nothing takes precedence over my family, no matter what it is.  I'll always get out of it, no matter what.
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    I would definitely call the vendors.  Most of them will probably work with you.  The actual reception location might be tougher but being a year out, they probably will cut you some slack.  I would just strongly reaffirm with your family that this will be the only date change.  If their calendars aren't clear, you will miss them at your wedding.  I know it sounds harsh, but I seriously doubt your vendors would let you change twice without any penalties!!  Good luck!
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  • Just give the vendors a call. This far out, you may be able to change the dates with very little problem. Good Luck!
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  • check with ur vendors, hopefully you can get the deposit back... and im surprised your mom didn't think about the annual meeting she has when you were deciding the date... the quetsion is... who's paying for the wedding though? if your parents do, maybe they don't care whehter they get the deposit back or not?
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