Outdoor Wedding in what month?

I'm just a little north of the border, but there is no local board for Albertans, so I was hoping to get advice from anyone that has had an outdoor wedding in Montana.  We are just gettting started with planning, and we are seriously considering an outdoor wedding in July.  However, I had my heart set on an fall wedding in early October.  Would it be too cold that time of year to have it outdoors? (I know the chances of having to use my back-up location would be high)

Re: Outdoor Wedding in what month?

  • I think an outdoor wedding in October would be beautiful :) maybe just plan it for a warmer part of the day and have a back up plan in case of snow. I think as long as guests know that it will be outdoors so they can plan on a jacket it should be fine.
  • I'm originaly from Montana, and can not remember a Halloween without snow!!!!  Maybe check the almanac..
  • Mine is coming up in 9 days!  We figured Sept is perfect because its not too cold, not too hot.. And by OCT it freezes here.
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  • I just attended my cousin's wedding October 5th near Bozeman.  It had snowed the day before, but they opted to have the wedding outdoors anyway.  I was freezing in my leather jacket and boots, and the poor attendants looked miserable in their little dresses...  But then within the next couple weeks we had a day in the 80's. It's worth a shot, but I hope you REALLY like your plan B. :) All the best!

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