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Corsage ideas for no flower wedding

We're not using any flowers for our wedding ceremony or reception. The bridesmaids and I will all carry feathers and the men will wear feather boutonnieres. I'm going to make the fathers and grandfathers the same feather boutonnieres, but I'd love ideas for the moms and grandmothers. I think they'd rather have something around their wrist rather than anything pinned on. Should I just buy some flower corsages? Make or buy something feathery? Something totally different? 
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Re: Corsage ideas for no flower wedding

  • Have you tried searching The link above had some cute ideas. I don't know your colors but I'm sure you could find a design you liked and adjust it. Hope this helps!
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  • Both mothers said they wanted something, and we haven't asked the grandmothers yet just because Christmas was so crazy and I forgot. My mom said she wanted something for the wrist and FI's said she didn't care either way, so I just figured I'd do them all for the wrist. I'm pretty crafty so I'd love something I could make. I'll be making all of the boutonnieres. 

    Colors are jewel tones with a grey neutral. Bridesmaids dresses are teal. I'm pretty sure I'm doing the boutonnieres with peacock eyes, but I don't want to be overwhelmingly peacocky. 

    Love the Etsy link! Thanks!
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    We, the moms, are wearing the corsage clipped to each one's clutch purse. Look at pictures of those and ask the moms if they would like those.
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