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Bachelorette party w/ underage BM?

My good friend is getting married and I'm helping her friend plan her bachelorette party.  We wanted to do the regular bar thing, but the bride's little sister (who is also in the WP) is only 20.  What would be some fun things to do that don't involve bars?  I've already looked and the Detroit Tiger's aren't playing so that rules out a sporting event.  I know we could do the typical spa-day but I was hoping to come up with an original idea.  Any thoughts?

ETA The underage BM is flying in from NY so we will probably want to include her in the whole night - thanks!

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Re: Bachelorette party w/ underage BM?

  • I was 20 when I was a MOH and we went out for manis/pedis, then went to hibatchi, which was really fun because it was basically a show. I think as long as you include her in something, there's nothing wrong with hitting the bars after. 

  • My bachelorette party is this coming weekend and my maid of honor planned a day at the local winery, dinner at a nice restaurant, and then going out to the bars. My little sister is only 16 and she's a bridesmaid but you don't have to be 21 to go to the winery and obviously dinner is for anyone. So she is coming to the winery and dinner then going home.
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  • We went to a dinner and drag show with my BM that was 18.
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  • It kinda depends on the feel for your city. I went bar hopping when I was 19 with a bacherlorette party (with a lingerie shower and dinner before hand), there was no age cutoff to be in the bars, so I was able to be there. I also was able to be served (not that I am advocating it or anything, but just the facts)

    But, it's also important to remember that this was in small city, IA. The whole feel in the city may be different for where you are - some cities make you be 21 to even be in a bar. But there was a band at the bar and people were buying us drinks all night. Had I not been able to drink, I would have still had fun.
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  • Coyote Joe's lets people under 21 in on some nights I think.  You could call and double check that.  Definitely a change a pace.

    There's a winery in Northville but I don't know of any others really...

    My FI is going go karting for his bachelor party which basically means they're going to try and run each other off the road and I'm jealous cause I'd love to do that.  That's at Kart 2 Kart.

    You could go into Greektown for an evening.  They have so many cool places and they're all restaurants so they're open to anyone.  I've had some good times there.

    Also, there are some bars that will let you take a person who is under 21 in with you.  I know of a few in Novi.  They check IDs at the door and at the bar/tables so you're set.

    Sucks about the Tiger's, that's always a good time even when they're sucking.

    I'll try and think of other things I know of around here for those under 21.
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  • Last year I was in a wedding with an underage bridesmaid. We went out to a hibachi/sushi restaurant for dinner, then headed out to a bowling alley that had a bar in it as well. Over 21's got wristbands and were able to drink and bowl, under 21's got bowling and nachos. Since it was a Saturday night, they also had the lazer lights going and a DJ....and as some of the girls got tipsy, the night got progressively more entertaining :)
  • I was going to mention bowling until PP beat me to it.  One of my good friends did that to include her sister in a similar situation.  It kind of depends on the crowd on how you feel about this, but you don't have to have alcohol at all.  Sometimes it is really boring to be the only sober one at an event.  
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  • My attendants are my 3 kids, who will be 20, 17 and 15 at the time of the wedding. So we (along with my son'd girlfriend) are doing a waterpark day instead of anything else. 
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  • EC88EC88
    My sister is one of my bridesmaids and she will only be 18. Although it is a long way off for us we are thinking about karaoke because there are places where you can have a private room so those who are 21+ can have alcohol but it is not actually a bar. 
  • I'm having the same issue FHs sister will be 18 when I have my Bach party. Ultimately though I know what I want to do and I'm not going to change my plans for her bc it's my party. I'm going to do an over 21 thing first and then do a dinner where she could come... That way she is included in some of the festivities.
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  • You could always go to a bar/restaurant ala Old Chicago so that people under 21 can get in, but those of age can imbibe if they want to.

    Others have made lots of good suggestions--hibachi type dinner, dinner and a show, you could do a potluck at someone's house (we did this for my MOH's bachelorette) and play dirty games/watch movies/pig out, you could take a day trip to a winery (though the 20 year old might get bored not being able to sample the wine), manis/pedis, catch a movie you're all interested in, etc.

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  • My bridal party consists of my 4 sisters. My MOH will only be 19 at the wedding. I don't right having my bach party without her. So we are focusing our energy on clubs and bars that let 18+ in. We are going to have to travel to Orlando for the night to make it work, but it will be worth it. Its only an hour drive. They are talking about a possible Spa day before our night on the town.
    I love the sleepover idea. We did this when my older sister got married. We had a passion party and did fondue snacks with some good wedding chick flicks. Whatever you decide i know it will be fun :)

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