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Bridal Party Attire

Just curious, I wanted to get my bridesmaids tanks that say "Bridesmaid" on them. The cheapest I have found is $16.95. Anyone know where I can find them cheaper before I bite the bullet?
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Re: Bridal Party Attire

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    Vistaprint lets you make your own t-shirts for $13.99 each.  (I know, it's not much cheaper, but is IS cheaper.)

    ETA:  And ditto Linger, stuff like this is generally a waste of money.
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Completely pointless and a waste of money.

  • Most craft stores sell the iron on transfers and you could buy the tanks yourself. 
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  • Another vote for don't do it. 
  • In Response to Re: Bridal Party Attire:
    Don't do it.  It's such a waste.  Even if they wear them while getting ready they'll never wear them again.
    Posted by LingerLonger1
    Ditto.  If you want to get them something to wear, do so, but nothing that advertises that they are part of a WP. 
  • Ditto PP's, I wouldn't bother. I know it seems like a cute idea and would make for a few "cute" pictures, but the girls will NEVER wear it again.
  • Another vote for skip it.
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  • Skip it.  Not worth the time or money
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  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    If money is an issue (and I think it might since you don't want to pay $17 for a shirt) then I say skip them.  When are they ever going to wear them again.

    Even if money was not an issue I would say skip them, but hey if you have the money to waste on a one-time use item then go for it.

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  • One of my BMs said "you ARE getting me a BM shirt, right?"   Um. Nope. I know that thing will sit and collect dust after the wedding.  So, I'm buying everyone cotton robes to get ready in.  No personalization, no BM or MOH logo. Just a nice, simple, lightweight, cotton robe that they can use. 

  • If you have the extra money to buy them, then go ahead. But if you kind of don't want to spend a lot of money skip it. But you only get married once...go out with a BANG :) 
  • Michaels has them. I made my girls boxes that had "Will you be my..." written on the outside, and inside put the coordinating shirt.

    I got the bridesmaid one for about $7.50 after using a 50% off coupon. Then I had to custom make one for my MOH, I got the decal at AC Moore for $1.25 and a tank from Target for $7 or  $8.00 and ironing it on was no trouble at all.

    I'm also having a Man of Honor (my brother), I bought his a tuxedo tee from Spencers for $15.00 and spent $2.00 on white iron on letters that will go on the back of his shirt. His was by far the most expensive and I may have been able to made his cheaper but didn't do much background search on it. I just wanted him to feel included.

    My bridal party will wear them to the bachelorette party and then while getting ready day of.
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  • SKPMSKPM member
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    In Response to Re: Bridal Party Attire:
    Please don't.  They're useless after the wedding, and most wedding party members only wear them that one time to be a good sport for the bride.
    Posted by RetreadBride
    Yep, this. I just donated the "BM" shirt that my friend gave me prior to her wedding last year.

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  • In Response to Re: Bridal Party Attire:
    Where do you expect them to wear them?  They won't be able to wear anything that pulls over their head for getting ready without messing up their hair and makeup. I'd skip it, but if you are really heck bent on doing it, just buy tanks from Walmart or Old Navy and order the rhinestone appliques that say Bridesmaid to put on them.  They won't need to last past one wearing because no one will wear them again anyway.
    Posted by StageManager14

    We made them for my sisters wedding, I'm recycling mine back to her form my wedding :). As long as they are like noraml tank tops you shouldn't have a proble with hair and make-up because the necks are so wide
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