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 is it okay to not include sisters in your wedding?

Re: question

  • As in not include them in your bridal party? Of course that's okay - you can choose whoever you want to stand next to you, or (in my case) choose no one at all.  Your bridal party should only be your nearest and dearest.  For some people, their sisters are and for others they are not.  Perfectly acceptable either way and you don't need to defend your position.
  • Of course it is.  I am not including one of my FSIL's because I don't really get along with her. 
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  • Of course its okay. In some family dynamics it is expected for all siblings to be in the bridal party & it causes a lot of family drama when someone isnt included so be careful of that.

    FI's sisters are not being included, FI's brother is. We asked FI's mother what she thought and if she thought we should include them and she said it was completely up to us and we didnt need to include anyone we didnt want to. 

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  • It depends on family dynamics.  It would be a crime in my family.  My only sister was my MOH and I didn't have a choice in the matter (although I would have picked her anyway.)
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  • my sister was in my first 2 and both of them took a dump..told her this time she is to be nowhere near the WP.  Told my Father the same thing about walking me down the aisle, so my brother will be doing that..  Tongue Out
  • It's all about your family dynamics. My sister is one of two BMs in my wedding (so I'm having a maid, her, and a matron, my friend, of honor). It was a forgone conclusion that she would be in mine. For me, it's not that we're super close, but most of my girlfriends are scattered to the four corners of the world and, while they love me, they aren't sure they can make it, so it was easier to go with her. I do love her, but we're not the giggly tell each other secrets type. In that way, I know that I probably won't be in her wedding because she doesn't have friends that are all over and she was in a rather old-school sorority, so I'll bet she'll have a lot of those sisters to chose from. And that's no skin off my nose.

    However, it occurred to me that you might be talking about not inviting your sister at all. Again, depends on the family. In mine, that would be a no-go of the highest order, even though FI and I are paying for most everything. A friend of mine got married last week, and, even though her dad was completely footing the bill she didn't invite one of her sisters. Her dad and sister get along well, but my friend just didn't want her sister and the negativity that she can bring at the wedding. Her dad didn't force her or pull the money strings. So, it's possible. I think if the relationships are out in the open enough that anything can be done. 
  • Of course it is.

  • Of course.  Just be prepared for lots of drama if it's expected in your family.  My mom won't probably ever let me hear the end of it for not including my sister in my WP.
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  • sonya+adamsonya+adam member
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    Of course it's okay. You get to decide who is in your wedding party, and who is not. If you aren't close enough to your sisters and you don't want them in it, then that's perfectly okay. Even if you are, and you don't want them in your BP, that's okay too. Will they be hurt? Maybe. But ultimately, it's your choice who you want standing next to you while you get married, nobody else's.
  • LingerLonger are you just an unhappy person or a bully?  I've read many of your posts and you can be nasty.  No, not trying to start anything here, just an observation.  With emphasis on how people are treated in the world today, I hope that if you have children you wouldn't want them to be treated as you do to others.

    As far as sisters go, I am not having mine.  I had them in my first one 16 years ago.  I'm 40 and they are 51 and 53 and they are not offended not being in it.  I told them I just want them to enjoy it and not have any responsibilities except for having fun!  They much prefer it that way!  
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  • In Response to Re: question:
    In Response to Re: question : Neither.  I'm a troll. I don't want children so you don't have to worry about them.  They suck the fun out of life.
    Posted by LingerLonger1
    Thanks for clarifying.  
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  • edited June 2012
    Of course you can not include your sister, but as a previous poster said- this might cause a lot of anger and tension. Personally, even if you don't get along with them or don't want to ask them, you probably should... just to avoid making things worse.

    Do you not want your sisters in your party or at the wedding at all? If so what is the reason?

    I can't empathsize with this so I apologize- my sister is wonderful- but the original post was so vague so it's hard for us to help you.
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