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has anyone seen Shrek the Final Chapter?

me, my sis (whose my matron of honor) and my BIL went to go see it when they came to visit last week :) bonding time! anyone else see it?

Re: has anyone seen Shrek the Final Chapter?

  • Not yet.  My FI and I really want to see it.  We've seen all the other ones together. 
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  • watched it 2 days ago...not the best shrek but still a good movie
  • Nope we saw Prince of Persia last night and I fell asleep, lol!
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  • I was afraid of that with the final Shrek. I told FI I didn't want to waste $$ on it at the theatre, we would just wait until it came out on DVD.
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  • I really enjoyed it. We watched it in 3D and it was awesome
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  • megk8ozmegk8oz
    DH and I went to go see it last weekend. It was better than the 3rd one, imo, but not better than the first 2. Overall it was pretty funny, though.

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  • we had free movie passes from my grandma, so that was nice :) movies arent too bad here, went to a movie in another part of NC with a friend and it was 9.50!  that should be a CRIME!

    i agree, not the best shrek but still good. I love the "do the roar" part haha :)
  • 9:50... HA!  I'm out side of NYC and tickets here are more like $11.00 +. 3#D movies are $15.00.  My Fi and I saw Clash of the Titans in 3D, it was awful and the 3D stuff gave me a headache! 
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  •  FI and i went and saw it friday night it was cute. not as good as the first two but i liked it. it was nice to get away from the PIL's for a while.
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    Yes, it was good.  For sure not as good as the others though. I found it a little bit more grown up, something kids wouldnt understand.  LOL, i actually heard a 4 year old being like " why's shrek mad daddy?" and the dad was all like " he's just tired"  I dunno, you have to watch it to see what I mean.  It is good though.

    LOL @ "do the roar!"
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  • for the fact that local movies here are 6/6.50, 9.50 is a crime...especially since we went to go see Robin Hood instead of Letters to Juilet (long story) and it was terribbllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • cew515cew515
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    We saw it yesterday. It was cute. I hated that "do the roar" kid, but it was funny. We paid $9 for the matinee here.
  • really? we couldnt stop laughing at "do the roar"  "i love you daddy!"
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