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Wedding Day agenda

Hi - I'm wondering how much time to allow for makeup, hair, photos of getting dressed, etc. Does anyone have a wedding day agenda, they'd be willing to share? Thank you!

Re: Wedding Day agenda

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    These are questions you really need to ask your vendors.

    Your hair and makeup artist will be able to give you a rough estimate for how long it will take to get you and anyone else done.

    Same with your photographer.  Ask them when they think they should begin shooting. 

    As for my wedding day.  I didn't really have an agenda.  All I knew was that I wanted to get to my venue by 2:00pm (this was an hour earlier then really necessary but I wanted to leave some wiggle room just in case).

    I told my hair and MUA this and they suggested that I start with them at 8:00am.  I had me and three other girls getting their hair and make up done.

    I then told my photographer what time I was arriving at the venue and what type of pictures I was looking for.  I didn't really care about the getting ready pictures so all I wanted was a few pictures of me and my family/BMs and also a few pictures of H and his family/GMs before the ceremony.  I think the photog arrived around 3:45ish and my ceremony started at 4:30pm.

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