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Color Scheme help please

Hey Everyone!
I am marrying june 20. 2014. We are getting married at a golf club on the water. I am trying to stay classy and simple. My fiance is wearing his air force blues. For those of you who don't know what they look like, they are a dark blue and he has a gold hankerchief with some pins and medals on it. So far our color scheme is champagne and blush. It is going to be cocktail attire for a 5 pm ceremony. Bridesmaids in champagne color dresses and Groomsmen in khaki pants and white dress shirts with champagne color ties. Blush comes into play in the flowers which will be white, with hints of blush. Also decor in the reception will be champagne colors, off white/ivory/gold and blush colors. I figured staying neutral is best with his air force blues. My dress will of course be white but will have some gold embellishment like his airforce uniform does, maybe a ribbon or something.

What does everyone think of this?

Many thanks!

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