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NWR: What Smart Phone Apps are Must Haves?

So I just got my first smart phone this weekend, a Droid 4.  I was wondering if anyone had any apps that they have found very useful or essential that they use frequently on their smart phones?  Obviously I am not looking for wedding apps but just anything really.   Thanks!
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Re: NWR: What Smart Phone Apps are Must Haves?

  • Email
    Weather Channel
    Banking app (whatever your bank offers)
    News app 
    ESPN SportsCenter
    CardStar (has all of your store loyalty cards so all you have to do is scan your phone)

  • Pinterest
    you tube
    dictionary google maps
    great wedding apps to be had

  • Thanks for all the great ideas.  I downloaded the Pinterest, my mobile bank app, and facebook.   
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  • I really like Gas Buddy, Pandora, the "with friend" games (hanging, words and scramble.. I lump Draw Something in here too) in addition to the ones I think have all been mentioned - banking, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. OH, and Urban Spoon can be fun.
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  • Amazon, USA today, Ebay, Angry birds,  My fitnessPal, Living Social, People Magazine :) 
  • Future Husband adores Yelp. We actually found a really great bubble tea place that way.
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