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Since when does your opinion matter?!?!?! (Rant ahead!)

Some of you may already know this story because I have posted about it before. But, about a month ago, my planner set up a cake appointment with a friend of hers. When we got there, the lady was completely unorganized and even started the appointment by saying that she was sorry but that she had forgotten what she was supposed to have ready. We talked about what I wanted and all the info I really had for her was a picture of the cake that I wanted. I didn't know anything about butter cream, fondant or whether I wanted white cake, chocolate cake, yellow cake, etc. I told her several times that I needed some guidance and all she had to say was,"Well what do you want?' I didn't flip out too bad because I thought that this was just a consultation and that we would finalize everything later. Negative! My mom paid the deposit, and I had to choose everything right then. I chose alternating white and red velvet tiers with butter cream. The only pictures I had to look at were on her cell phone and she had nothing for me to taste.

A few days after the appointment, I was feeling even more up in the air about the cake, so I asked the planner to ask the cake lady to include some cakes with filling when she was making the samples for us. (This is out of order in my mind but whatever. I'm sick of feeling like everyone thinks I'm a bridezilla!)

Fast forward to this past Friday. My mom picks up the samples from the lady's house and brings them home for us to taste. The red velvet was HORRIBLE! So I decided to go with the white cake. I started looking around in the bag for the filling samples. (The cake samples were cup cakes. She put the butter cream in a plastic container. She put all this in a grocery bag.) When I realized that there was no filling, I asked my mom about it. She then tells me that when she stopped to get the samples, the cake lady told her that she didn't include any filling because she didn't like it! I mean are you kidding me???? You don't send a sample to a client who specifically asked for it because YOU don't like it?????  I am beyond mad. The last time I checked, we are paying her. Not the other way around. If I ask for filing, then I better get some filling. I don't care what you like!  UGH!!

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