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Fiance's opinion on dress

So I decided to have my fiance go through and look at the pictures that I printed out of dresses that I like and he ended up hating the ones with pick-up skirts (which I love!).  Should I let his opinion sway how I feel about the dresses? If I know he hates pick-up skirts, should I even consider buying one?

Re: Fiance's opinion on dress

  • It depends - the dresses in magazine pictures won't look the same as those same dresses on different women.  I showed my fiance pictures of me trying on a couple of dresses in a style that he'd thought he really liked from magazine pictures, but which didn't really suit me.  As soon as saw the pictures, he was very surprised and agreed that he didn't like the style *on me*.  Your fiance might end up loving the dresses with pick-up skirts once he sees how great they look *on you*.  It depends on how good he is at imagining that, and many people are not good at that - it's possible he'll end up loving a dress style he thought he didn't like once he sees how great you look. 
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