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Hello - I wanted to see what ideas anyone has for the MOB dress.  My perfect dress is the Karena Royale from Maggie Sottero.  It's got beautiful lace detail.  My colors are shades of purple.  My bridesmaids will be in the color Wisteria (sort of a light purple).  My mom definitely wants a dress with a jacket.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Since my dress has all lace, should she absolutely stay away from lace or is that complimentary?  What color of purple?  Different than the Bridesmaids I assume?  Any advice is most welcome - thank you! 
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Re: MOB Dress

  • My mom was really worried about colors and my ladies are in wisteria too.  My mom decided on a great dress from Nordstrom in navy blue (which looks really good next to the wisteria) and my FMIL decided on a great dress from Macy's in a plum color.  They both wanted to compliment the other ladies in group pictures, but didn't want to be the exact same color. :) 

    There are lots of great dresses at bridal stores, but don't forget the department stores too-  you can find lots of very nice dresses for much less than a bridal store. :) 
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