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Sharon Bridal and Kimly Bridal same company?

 A lot of ladies have been asking on this board about buying a dress online, and when they do I normally take a look around the site and noticed this on, and on Sharon Bridal, both in their testimonial section they have the exact same testimonials from the exact same person. Example:
 Hello, I just wanted to say that the dress was pretty. There was one place where it wasn't embroidered, but i found who will fix it. thank you for your work.
Khang Tran from United States 2011-02-07 14:35:2(from kimly bridal) and also found on the Sharon Bridal page too. They have a few more examples if anyone wants to see.
A reminder to be so careful when ordering online.

Re: Sharon Bridal and Kimly Bridal same company?

  • Maryb, the picture they show is the designer dress.  What you get is a knock off.  Some ladies say it's perfectly good quality, others say it's not great quality but good enough for a one day wear, and still others say it's awful and end up buying a designer gown.
  • I ordered a dress from back in February. They state that you should receive your dress within 28-35 days. It's now April 19th and my order still says it's processing. I've been emailing back and forth with some woman named Shirley. She keeps apologizing and telling me to be patient. I got an email from her later saying that my dress would be finished within 6 days and shipping would take 3. She even told me who the carrier would be. But this was a month ago and still no dress. I believe I've been scammed. I feel so stupid. 
    Has anyone here ordered from them before? 
  • I ordered my dress from Sharon Bridal in March.
    Needless to say it is very late and I have been receiving the same emails that you mentioned...."Please be patient..." etc.
    Did you ever receive your dress?

    You have no idea how I am hoping that you have!

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