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Flower girl dress color to match wedding dress color

My wedding dress is diamond white.  Do I get white or ivory flower girl dresses?!  Who would have thought it would be such a tough decision!!!

Re: Flower girl dress color to match wedding dress color

  • SarahPLizSarahPLiz
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    I would think white, but Ivory wouldn't look bad either. Unless your dresses will be right next to each other in a picture, I doubt anyone will notice.
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  • Flip a coin, or just get whatever shade is most flattering for the flower girl.  Unless it's a really yellow ivory, there's very little difference.
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  • You could just get a color that coordinates with your bridesmaids. Your flower girl doesn't have to be a mini-bride.
  • Tho you very often see the flower girls dress being white like the brides maybe you could try a full colored dress or one with a splash of color on it because then it wouldn't really matter the color of white because everyone would only notice the splashes of color! So go for w/e makes you feel comfortable!
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