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What goes with Blush color?

I am considering using a dress that is described as blush color. Its like a very soft peachy salmon color. However if I use this dress I will have to choose colors to match for decor and I have never been a huge fan of pastels. Any ideas on how I could use this dress and still choose bolder colors?

Re: What goes with Blush color?

  • Blush is not actually a pastel.  It's a very pale pink.  My RD dress is blush with a black sash so you can definitely pair with with a bolder color.
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  • A blush that incorporates both peach and pink tones will be difficult to match sight unseen.  Can you get a piece of the fabric from the dress store to help you coordinate colors? 

    Blush with chocolate brown, navy blue or charcoal grey would be very elegant.
    Blush with with a rich maroon or dramatic black would provide a high contrast and a modern feel.  Black vases with blush flowers and lots of greenery would be very dramatic. 

    Some shades of dark purple could also work.  Metalics can be a great neutral to go with blush. 
  • pp's had some good suggestions.  Plus, the decor doesn't have to match/coordinate with your dress any more than it would if you wore white or ivory.  I like pp's ideas of going with something neutral...if they can wear a more neutral color dress that could be more easily reworn that would be a good thing for your attendants.  And your florist can definitely incorporate the blush color into the flowers maybe with white and add in a bolder color or colors if you want, they're bound to have good ideas of what they've done before that looked fabulous.
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  • Blush can go with a lot of bold colors. Actually it's good to have a soft and bold color in your color scheme.

    Blush is a color that is used in a lot of vintage themed weddings because of it's antique feeling.

    My MOH is doing blush and hot pink for her color scheme which is popular.

    Check out this website:
    They sort wedding pictures by color. The link should take you to blush.

    Here are some other ideas:
    Black or dark grey (blush & black is very "in" right now)
    Deep red (with plush reminds me of Valentine's)
    Plum purple
    Gold (very "in")
    Soft browns
    Sage green
    Canary soft yellow

    If you are still unsure. Go to a paint store and look at the blush color next to other paint swatches.

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  • I'm incorporating blush into my colors and we're doing blush, champagne, ivory, gold, bronze, and a light peach. But I'm more into the paler colors, so I think it looks ok. If you want a bold color, I think the best option is navy. I've also seen blush done very well with turquoise.
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  • My wedding colors are ivory, charcoal gray and blush. We are doing a cherry blossom theme for a spring wedding.
    Blush is beautiful and can be very vintage.
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  • I'm the mother of the bride and I'm wearing a blush colored dress.  The bridal party is wearing a beautiful wine color.  The mother of the groom is wearing a deep navy blue.  Does this sound okay?
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    Blush would look beautiful with a wine color. they compliment each other nicely. 
  • My favorite color with blush is gold.

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    Mine, too, Ang!
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  • We are using blush in our shabby chic/vintage wedding this October. We are using charcoal grey, blush and champagne. My bm dresses our grey and my accent colors for the ceremony and the girls shoes are the blush color.
  • I would keep it simple, either add grey or gold (one or the other, not both). If you added gold I would think you could also incorporate tan (for example the men's suits).
  • Here's an idea that I saw on a board once. Go to your local hardware store & go to paint department. Find a swatch in the color of the blush you are talking about. Then just start holding it up to other paint swatches to see which one you like best. Best part is, you can take them home & look at them more or get other opinions. It won't cost you anything but a little bit of time.
  • We're using peach (which I suppose is close to/akin to blush) and navy. We're also having white/ivory and light green accents because we're incorporating dogwoods into things.
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