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Hair Salon Recommendations - Salem, NH

Did anyone get their hair done at a Salon in or around Salem, NH? I'd rather go out and get my hair done than have someone come to the hotel.

I keep going back and forth as to whether or not to have it done professionally or just try to figure out one of my friends to ask. I thought maybe it would just be less stressful to have it done. I don't know. I'm wishy washy.

Re: Hair Salon Recommendations - Salem, NH

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    I'd definitely recommend Salon 97 in Salem. I've been going there for years, and they will be doing my hair as well as my bridal party's hair for my wedding next month. I also used them for my first wedding and I cannot say enough about them. They also have someone who does makeup (Emily) and she does a fabulous job!
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    I've heard amazing things about Lotus Salon.  I know the owner from being in the business and I'd feel good abut her doing my hair.
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    Thanks gals. I will check them out!
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    I have been going to styles unlimited in Methuen Mass, right on Howe Street.  Wendy is the stylist.  She is amazing and the prices can not be beat.
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