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Fit & Flare Bustle- Help! CWG377

Anyone have any ideas for a fit and flare bustle?  I'm wearing Oleg Cassini's CWG377 and I have NO idea how it's gonna bustle.  My seamstress and I have been playing with it, but neither of us like how anything has been laying.  Ideas??

Re: Fit & Flare Bustle- Help! CWG377

  • She has, but the lace is so soft and the layers underneath are more structured, so it doesn't lay right.  She talked about connecting all the layers where they need to bustle so they might flow better, but right now it just ends up looking sloppy.
  • I've been searching those sites all morning haha.  I think I will try the one- point bustle today.  I also found a three-point that might work on my dress as well.  There are lots of 3D flowers all over it where it would need to be attached, so I'm not sure how well that would work.
  • Check out this site.  Not sure if any of these bustles would work for that dress, but it's worth a shot.
  • ditto kd.joseph's pic above. One single bustle in the back. That is exactly what Im having and I love the way it looks.
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    Here is a pick of what looks like a 2 point bustle being done to your dress...

  • The dress I wore looks like it's kind of similar although my train was pretty long (I had 20 some on bustle hooks since there were multiple layers) but just to give you an idea this is what it ended up looking like:

    Hope that helps! Good luck! :)
  • My dress was very similar to yours, fit and flair with several layers of lace / tulle over satin.  I went for a three-point bustle because the dress had a semi-cathedral train and wouldn't have stayed off the floor with only one point.  The bustle ended up sticking out a little at the top, but it is hard to get any bustle to lie perfectly smoothly and I don't think anyone noticed.

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